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Surname Kiechl - Meaning and Origin

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Kiechl: What does the surname Kiechl mean?

Kiechl is a German last name derived from the name Kiechel, which is a short form of the German name Kiechelmann. The name itself is derived from the Germanic words 'kiko', which means 'kettle', and 'helm', which stands for 'helmet'. The combination of the two words can be translated to mean 'kettle-helmet', which was at one time a common type of defensive helmet worn during battle in the Middle Ages.

Over the centuries, the use of this type of helmet became less common and the name eventually evolved to the modern spelling Kiechl, meaning 'surname from musician', or 'leader of a band'.

The name is found mainly in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, but it is also found sporadically across other parts of Europe. A variant of the surname is Kechel, found mainly in the Czech Republic.

In more recent centuries, the surname has become associated with legendary musical talent, and top musicians who bear the Kiechl name have achieved national and international recognition. For example, Austrian composer Franz Kiechl has written numerous musical pieces for the violin, oboe, and piano. German soprano Julia Kiechl is known for her extensive repertoire, while Nikolai Kiechl is a renowned Austrian saxophonist. Today, Kiechl is still a surname that connotes the spirit of music.

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Kiechl: Where does the name Kiechl come from?

The last name Kiechl is most common today in Southern Germany and Austria. It may be derived from the Old German word 'Kuchila', which means 'cook, baker'. Kiechl is quite a rare surname, but there are around 500 people with the name in Germany today and around 450 in Austria.

In Germany, the last name is mainly found near the regions of Bavaria and Baden-Württemburg, two southern German states. In Bavaria, the largest concentrations of Kiechl's are in the cities of Nuremberg Bayern and Regensburg in Upper Franconia. In Baden-Wurttemburg, larger numbers of this surname exist in the cities and towns of Stuttgart, Mannheim, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Heilbronn and Pforzheim. The smaller towns of Neustadtt, Tuttlingen, Ravensburg and Biberach apparently also historically counted some Kiechl's.

In Austria, the last name Kiechl is primarily found around the province of Tyrol, Austria's westernmost province located near the Austrian-German border. Kiechl's are especially concentrated in regional capital Innsbruck and in the smaller cities of Kufstein and Schwaz. The small Tyrolean towns of Landeck, Imst, Reutte, Telfs and Zams also have many Kiechl's.

In addition, one may occasionally find a Kiechl in other parts of Germany and Austria, including some much more remote locations such as the Alps or even abroad.

Variations of the surname Kiechl

The surname Kiechl can take on many variants, spellings and surnames of similar origin. Below are some of those options.

Kieckl: Kiechl is also spelled as Kieckl. This spelling is relatively more common in German-speaking countries.

Kiechel: Another variant of Kiechl is Kiechel. This is mostly seen in Austria, Germany and other German-speaking countries.

Kiehl: As well as Kiechl and Kieckl, the surname Kiehl is another variant of the same name. This is most commonly seen in Germany.

Kiechle: Kiechle is another variant spelling and a German nickname for Kiechl which is used in Germany as well as in some parts of Austria.

Kichl: Kichl is a variation of the surname Kiechl and is mostly used in Austria and Germany.

Kiechal: Kiechal is a variation of Kiechl which is used in Czech Republic.

Kieckel: Kieckel is another variant of the surname Kieckle. This spelling is mostly seen in Germany and Austria.

Kiechlin: Kiechlin is a variation of the name Kiechl and is mostly found in Austria.

Kiechelmann: Kiechelmann is another version of the surname Kiechl which is found in Germany and Austria.

Kiechy: Kiechy is a variation of Kiechl which is seen in some parts of Poland.

Kiechler: Kiechler is another variant of the same origin which is found mostly in Germany and Austria.

Overall, the surname Kiechl can take on many different forms and spellings, depending on the particular region and country it is found in.

Famous people with the name Kiechl

  • Jason Kiechl: professional Ultimate frisbee player. He has competed in the US Open Championships, Beach Championship and the World Games.
  • Dave Kiechl: former professional American football quarterback. He was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the 1978 NFL Draft and went on to have a 9-year career in the NFL.
  • Fritz Kiechl: Austrian politician and president of the Chamber of Labour Vienna.
  • Hans Kiechl: an Austrian historian known for his work on Austrian penal law.
  • Milda Kiechl: Professional air rider, she is a European champion in the discipline.
  • Tony Kiechl: a former professional ice hockey player. He played in the WHL, NHL, AHL and European leagues.
  • Sandra Kiechl: an Austrian geographer and professor at the University of Vienna.
  • Michael Kiechl: former professional basketball player who played for the Washington Bullets, New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Denver Nuggets.
  • Peter Kiechl: Austrian journalist and editor. He is the editor of the Austrian daily newspaper Kurier and was elected for his third term as president of the Austrian Press Council in 2018.
  • Wilfried Kiechl: Austrian fashion designer and founder of the Austrian fashion label KIE CHL. He is known for his modern reinterpretations of classical Austrian fashion pieces.

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