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Surname Kiechle - Meaning and Origin

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Kiechle: What does the surname Kiechle mean?

The surname Kiechle has Germanic roots and is believed to first have originated in Bavaria, in the south of Germany. Its literal translation is “ditch bank”, which refers to its history as an occupational name for one who lived and worked near the banks of a ditch or stream. This name is found in records of German families in the 17th century, and is also thought to be derived from the Middle High German "kehsel" meaning “barley husker”. As a result, the surname is also thought to have originally been an occupational name denoting a barley farmer or miller in the Middle Ages.

The Kiechle surname has spread around the world with families of German heritage. Throughout the 19th century, some members of the Kiechle families migrated to the US and Canada where the last name has been Anglicized to a variety of spellings such as Kechle and Kechley.

Today the name is most common in the US, with a large concentration in Wisconsin and Minnesota, where a large population of German-Americans settled in the 19th century. The Kiechle surname is also found throughout Canada, Mexico, and other countries of German-speaking heritage.

The original meaning of the Kiechle name is indicative of its cultural history and how it has been passed down through generations of families. This name is a reminder of the difficult and industrious nature of those who first bore it. Those who bear the Kiechle surname can take pride in their heritage and the strength and resilience of their ancestors.

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Kiechle: Where does the name Kiechle come from?

The last name Kiechle is common in many places around the world today. In Europe, there are records of the name Kiechle in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, as well as in Poland. In the United States, the name is most common in states with large German immigrant populations, such as Texas, Ohio, Minnesota and Illinois.

In Canada, the name Kiechle can be found from coast to coast. Records indicate Kiechles settling in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and even Newfoundland.

Kiechle is also a popular surname in South America, especially in Argentina, where many German immigrants immigrated to work in the country's expansive farming and ranching customs. In Brazil, the name is found mainly in the Rio Grande do Sul province, where many German immigrants settled in the 17th century.

The Kiechle name can also be found in Australia, mainly due to large German migrations in the early 19th century. The name is noted in Victoria and South Australia, particularly around the coastal regions where the climate and available crops allowed for a comfortable living.

In short, the last name Kiechle can be found all around the world today. From the farms of South America to the suburbs of Canada and the ranches of Australia, the Kiechle name follows those who immigrated in search of a better life.

Variations of the surname Kiechle

Kiechle is a German surname derived from the word "Kiefer," meaning "pine tree." The most common variants of this surname include Kiechel, Kiechler, Kiehl, Kiehlmann, Kiehler, Kiefer, Kiefel, Kiepel, Kieferle, and Kiefner.

A variant spelling of Kiechle is Kieckle. Surnames with similar spellings, related to Kiechle, include Kiefter, Kiefert, Kieferl, Kifert, Kieferling, Kieferstein, Kieferts, Kifella, and Kifeler.

Kiechle is also related to other surnames, such as Kiefel, Kiefers, Kiefhl, Kiefle, Kiefles, Kiefler, Kiefner, Kiefnermann, Kieger, Kielsmeier, Kiesel, Kieselhart, Kieser, Kiesewetter, Kiest, Kieswood, and Kipp.

Kiechle is also related to other surnames derived from the same root, such as Kech, Kieckhafer, Kiecke, Kiecker, Kieckhoba, Kieckhofer, Kieckhoff, Kieckow, Kiehlmann, Kiehm, Kiekbusch, Kienast, Kienbaum, Kiening, Kienle, and Kippel.

In most cases, the spelling of the surname Kiechle can be traced to the German region and language. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the Kiechle surname provide insight into the origin and spread of the name, and can help uncover family histories.

Famous people with the name Kiechle

  • Greta Kiechle: Greta Kiechle is a professional German tennis player, and has had success at both the ITF and WTA level.
  • Karl Kiechle: Karl Kiechle is a German soccer player, who has played for the German National Team, as well as several Bundesliga clubs.
  • Nancy Kiechle: Nancy Kiechle is an American politician, who formerly served in the Minnesota House of Representatives.
  • Robert Kiechle: Robert Kiechle is an American painter, whose work has been featured in several galleries.
  • Dan Kiechle: Dan Kiechle is a basketball player from Minnesota, who has currently plays in a professional tournament in Ukraine.
  • John Kiechle: John Kiechle is an American Scientist, specializing in Applied Linguistics.
  • Kurt Kiechle: Kurt Kiechle is an American author and artist. He is best known for his controversial comic book series, "A-Flush".
  • Anna Kiechle: Anna Kiechle is a peacemaker, yoga instructor, and mindfulness educator, based in Oregon.
  • Bernhard Kiechle: Bernhard Kiechle was a German composer and music theorist in the late 19th and early 20th century.
  • Ernst Kiechle: Ernst Kiechle was a German professor in the area of mathematics, known for his research in the area of number theory.

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