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Surname Laake - Meaning and Origin

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Laake: What does the surname Laake mean?

Laake is a Finnish surname derived from the word for "puddle" or "swamp". It is an old surname, and may have originally been in reference to living near a swampy area, or to a person who was associated with the swampy areas of Finland.

The word itself likely came from the Old Norse language, where it may have had similar roots or meanings. The Old Norse was spoken in Finland during the Viking Era, and is still used in parts of Scandinavia today.

As a Finnish surname, Laake likely has its origin in the Finnish language. The Finnish word for puddle is laudan, which could have developed into the Laake surname in different ways. For example, the surname niemi (which also refers to swampy areas) has similar etymological roots to Laake.

In Finland, Laake is still a very common surname today, though most bearers of the name today likely don’t have any direct connection to swampy areas. Still, the surname pays homage to Finland's historical connection to the swampy areas of the country.

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Laake: Where does the name Laake come from?

The surname Laake is most common in the United States, where it is the 1,170th most common surname. It is particularly prevalent in the Midwestern states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

The Laake surname has an interesting origin story. It is derived from "Loch", the German word for "lake". During the Middle Ages, many German families took up the habit of identifying themselves not by their given names, but by the features around them. The Laakes, then, were identified as those who lived close to a lake.

The Laake surname is also found in European countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Poland. There, it is much less common than in the US, ranking in the top 10,000 most common surnames in each of those countries.

The Laake surname is also found among African American families. It was common among freed slaves who had adopted it during the civil war, when they took their masters' surnames. The spelling may also have been slightly altered over time.

Today, the surname Laake is still widely associated with its original meaning of "lake", albeit with some slight variations. However, it is also common among people whose families have adopted it as a more recent surname, likely since it is easy to remember and quite distinct.

Variations of the surname Laake

The surname Laake is of Scandinavian origin and is derived from the old Norse, 'Laki' which means either a 'flat stone' or a 'stream' that flows over stones. Variants of the surname include Låke, Laak, Låkk, Lawick, Laux, Laaxe, Lehke, Lawka, Lakke, Löck, and Lack.

The surname was first established by Viking invaders who settled in Scandinavia in the fifth century. When they arrived in Scandinavia, the Vikings adopted the old Norse language. As the language changed and evolved, the surname altered too. Over time family names in Scandinavia generally became patronyms. This meant that a family’s last name became a derivation of the first name of their ancestor.

In the United States and United Kingdom, the surname ‘Laake’ is usually encountered in its various spellings such as Lack, Laux, Lakke and Lehke. The name is also historically linked with many other surnames with similar origins, such as Lakowske, Laakkonen, Laaksonen and Lähteenmäki.

Some prominent members of the Laake family include Victoria Laake, a British MP, who was an advocate for women’s rights and health reform; and Thorstein Arent Laake who was a Norwegian-American politician and military officer.

Currently the surname is most common in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Famous people with the name Laake

  • Lennart Laake, Swedish ice hockey player
  • Dave Laake, American producer and songwriter
  • Øyvind Laake, Norwegian former skiing athlete
  • Line Laake, Norwegian blacksmith and teacher
  • Per Laake, Norwegian former football player
  • Henrik Laake, Norwegian footballer
  • Gunvor Laake, Norwegian politician
  • Solveig Laake, Norwegian former alpine skier
  • Oscar Laake, Norwegian former bandy player
  • Lasse Laake, Norwegian former footballer
  • Bjørn Roger Laake, Norwegian former footballer
  • Andreas Laake, Norwegian former footballer
  • Lars Laake, Norwegian former footballer
  • Steinar Laake, Norwegian curler
  • Melody Laake, American actress and producer
  • Kurt Laake, American astronaut
  • Marie Laake, German operatic soprano
  • Paul Wilhelm Laake, German administrator
  • Jörg Alexander Laake, German footballer
  • Joël Laake, French former sailor

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