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Surname Laaker - Meaning and Origin

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Laaker: What does the surname Laaker mean?

The last name Laaker (also seen as Lakker, Laakerr, and Laakkerr), is a Dutch and Flemish surname. It originated in the 16th century, originating from the region 'Lak,'in the Netherlands, which is speculated to be related to the modern-day town of Laker, in the Dutch province of Friesland.

The Kardashian spelling of the name is thought to have begun in the 19th century, with the emigration of Dutch and Flemish settlers to North America. The name is considered to be a patronymic one, which was common among the people of Netherlands and parts of Belgium to take the first name of their father as the surname.

The overall meaning of the surname Laaker is believed to be either "from the lake or from the lakers'', referring to someone who dwelled by or worked on the lake, which many Dutch settlers did since many of them belonged to agrarian or fishing families. It is also possible that the name could have come from the Old Dutch word 'lake', which is a term that was used to refer to shallow wetland areas.

Therefore, the overall meaning of the last name Laaker can be interpreted to mean "from the lake."

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Laaker: Where does the name Laaker come from?

The surname Laaker is a common surname today that can be found in many countries throughout the world. In Europe, it is particularly common in Estonia and Finland where according to WorldNames data, it can be found in over 3000 people who reside in those countries. Additionally, the surname Laaker is popular in the United States with over 700 people listed in the White Pages directory.

It can also be found in smaller pockets of populations throughout Europe in countries like Italy, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Germany. Outside of Europe, it is in countries such as Canada, Brazil, India, Australia, and the United States.

Overall, the Laaker surname stretches across the world with a high concentration of it being found in Europe particularly in Estonia and Finland. Those located in the United States, Canada, and other countries make up the remainder of its population.

Variations of the surname Laaker

The surname Laaker is of German and Dutch origin and is a variation of the German and Dutch term for lake, which is "Laker" or "Läcker". Variants of this name include: Laaker, Leiker, Leeker, Läcker, Lacker, Lackner, Lackritz, Lackers, Lakerz, Lakerzweig, and Lakritz.

In German, the name Sweckenbach may be of the same origin. It is derived from the German phrase "Schweckenbacher", which literally means “maker of lakes.” Other German surnames derived from the term for lake include: Lähner, Lähnebach, Lähnen, Havemann, and Haepner.

In Dutch, the name De Laak is believed to be of the same origin as Laaker, as it is derived from the Dutch word for lake, which is "Meer". Variants of this name include De Laak, Delaak, Delak, Delake, and Deläck.

In Scandinavia, variants of Laaker include: Lakaer, Lakker, Lakerfeldt, and Lakerberg. Norwegian versions of the surname include: Lekas, Leke, Leker, and Lekeberg. Variants of this surname in Sweden include: Läck and Läckberg.

Finally, in the United States, the name Laaker is sometimes seen spelled as Laaker or Laakar. Variants of this name in the United States include: Laber, Laker, Lekar, Lackar, Lackner, and Lackey.

Famous people with the name Laaker

  • Kim Laaker: Kim Laaker is an American actress most known for her role in the Fox series Backstrom.
  • Owen Laaker: Owen Laaker is a film actor and stuntman who has worked on dozens of movies and TV shows such as The Lion King, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Trek.
  • Matilda Laaker: Matilda Laaker is an acclaimed Swedish singer/songwriter whose music fuses alternative rock, pop, blues and jazz.
  • Jenna Laaker: Jenna Laaker is an American author and journalist who has written for publications such as Wired and the LA Times.
  • Heidi Laaker: Heidi Laaker is a Swedish interior designer who has made a name for herself designing high-end contemporary homes, resorts and businesses.
  • Eric Laaker: Eric Laaker is a New Zealand politician and Member of Parliament for the Labour Party.
  • Will Laaker: Will Laaker is an American artist and muralist renowned for his bold, colorful large-scale works of abstract art.
  • Tara Laaker: Tara Laaker is a successful yoga teacher and life coach whose mission is to help people use their personal power to make positive changes in their lives.
  • Chris Laaker: Chris Laaker is a professional ice hockey player currently playing for the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League.

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