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Surname MacCaughran - Meaning and Origin

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MacCaughran: What does the surname MacCaughran mean?

The last name MacCaughran is an anglicized form of the Scottish Gaelic name Mac

Cochrain, derived from the Gaelic word “coch”, meaning ‘red’. This name was likely given to someone with red hair, or a complexion described as “ruddy”. It is an Irish and Scottish surname of several distinct clans and families, originating from the Western Highlands and Islands.

The name MacCaughran is derived from Old Irish and refers to someone who was a sailor or fisherman by trade. The Irish surname is believed to have originated in County Antrim or County Tyrone, with clan members settling in and around Counties Monaghan and Armagh in the 16th century.

The MacCaughran family can be traced back to Aon MacCochrain (fl. 13th century CE) who held lands in the Barony of Inverkip in Renfrewshire (in Scotland), and in the Annals of Ulster, a record of early Irish history, it is said that in 1293, twelve ships full of MacCaughrans attacked the inhabitants of Inis Cealtra, a small island off the coast of Ireland.

MacCaughran is an unusual and ancient surname that has a long and interesting history. It reflects a time during which the sea and the land that Scotland and Ireland were composed of were highly integrated parts of the culture. It is a reminder of a past in which the skills of sailors and fishermen were essential to everyday life.

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MacCaughran: Where does the name MacCaughran come from?

The last name MacCaughran is primarily found in Scotland in modern times. It is thought to be a local spelling of the Irish name MacCaughran or MacCorkran, which originated in Ireland and was brought to Scotland during the centuries of English rule over Ireland.

The name is most common in the Scottish Lowlands, particularly in the regions of Glasgow and Edinburgh. It is also found in the other parts of the United Kingdom, particularly among the Irish diaspora who have settled in areas such as London and the Midlands, as well as in Canada, Australia, and the United States.

The root of the name is believed to be from the Gaelic word “MacCogran,” which means "son of the hound," likely due to their reputation of loyalty in hunting. The name rose in prominence during the twelfth century when the MacCaughrans were part of the royal court of King David I of Scotland.

Today, multiple branches of this name exist, with variations such as MacCartney, McCorkran, MacCorcan, MacKaughran, and McCoy. Those with the name MacCaughran still keep their traditional heritage alive and remain proud of their roots.

Variations of the surname MacCaughran

The surname MacCaughran has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include MacCanran, MacCran, MacCauran, MacCauren, MacCranra, MacCraner, MacCranor, MacKran, McKran, MacKuner, MacConran, MakCran, MacKean, MacKuren, MacKerrin, MacKurden, McCarron, McCorran, and McCran.

The original MacCaughran is an Irish name derived from the Gaelic Mac Shibhirne, which means the son of Sibern. The spelling of this Gaelic in English is a bit imprecise, and the spelling has changed over time, leading to a variety of versions of the name.

In some parts of Ireland and Scotland, MacCaughran is Anglicized to Carran, Carron, Kran, or other similar spellings. This spelling variant has also been found in Canada, where immigrants adopted this spelling after migrating due to religious persecution in their native Ireland.

The surnames may also be of Scottish origin, derived from the Gaelic Mac Cochran, meaning son of Cochran, or the son of Coch (a common Scottish personal name). The Gaelic Mac Cochran has been Anglicized to MacCaull, Caoll, Gauld, Gault, or Gow.

In Scotland there are variants like MacCroup, which is derived from the same root as MacCaughran, MacCran. Similarly, the Scottish surname McCrimmon is derived from Mac Braman or Mac Bronin, which has been spelled variously as MacCrain, MacCraine, MacCran, and MacCrane.

The variant MacKran is also of Scottish origin, derived from the Gaelic Mac Cran, meaning son of Cran. Additionally, the names MacKinnon and McKinnon may have come from the same origin, as the Gaelic Mac Ionmhuinn has been pronouced in a variety of ways, including MacKinnon, MacAnnon, and McKinnon.

These variants of MacCaughran, and the many other spellings and surnames of the same origin, all come from the ancient roots of the name and demonstrate its popularity over time.

Famous people with the name MacCaughran

  • Yara MacCaughran: Venezuelan-born international dressage horse rider
  • Dena MacCaughran: Former professional cyclist
  • Tony MacCaughran: Former professional football (soccer) player
  • Gavin MacCaughran: English footballer
  • Allan MacCaughran: Australian rules footballer
  • Alan MacCaughran: Major League Baseball player
  • Peter MacCaughran: NFL Hall of Famer
  • Clifford MacCaughran: Canadian-born ice hockey player
  • Robert MacCaughran: Irish-born golfer
  • John MacCaughran: American professional golfer

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