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Surname Maceij - Meaning and Origin

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Maceij: What does the surname Maceij mean?

The last name Maceij is a Polish surname, which is derived from the Hebrew name Maccabaeus which means “hammer”. This surname could have been given to those who were proficient in the arts of smithing and blacksmithing or, it could have come to be related to a person’s strength, due to the overall associations attached to the tool.

The Maceij surname could also be derived from the Slavic family name, Maciejczyk. This family name is derived from the Slavic word maciej, meaning “fortunate” or “blessed”. It is believed that the Maceij surname is derived from these roots, as a way of paying tribute to the luck or fortune of its first bearer.

Given the various interpretations assigned to the Maceij surname, its distant history and roots remain largely unknown. The original bearer of this last name is unknown. However, the Maceij family name has spread throughout Europe, with many families established in Poland, Germany, Austria and other countries within Central and Eastern Europe.

Today, those with the Maceij surname can be found around the world, although the majority remain traced to countries in Europe. Whether the Maceij surname was given in tribute to a skill, strength, luck, or fortune, its bearer holds the tale to the origin of this unique and illustrious last name.

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Maceij: Where does the name Maceij come from?

The surname MACEIJ is most prevalent in Poland, where it is believed to have originated. The name is thought to be derived from either the Hebrew personal name Matityahu or from the German word Macse, meaning 'forgetful'. According to Poland's National Population and Housing Census, as of 2018, MACEIJ was the 2,712th most common surname in the country, with an estimated 3,358 people carrying the name and 0.022% of the population sharing the name.

Outside of Poland, MACEIJ is more widely dispersed but is still notable in Austria, Romania, and Ukraine. In Austria, the surname is listed as the 49,724th most common, with an estimated 804 people sharing the name. Romania registers the surname as the 2,443rd most common, with an estimated 993 people owning the name. Studies show the most common geographic distribution of MACEIJ in Romania is in the southwest region of the Romanian Carpathians, especially in the south eastern area of Ardeal.

In Ukraine, the name is also among the most common, ranking as the 7,583rd most popular, with a population of 1,431 people bearing the surname. According to a population trace of MACEIJ in Ukraine, the surname's most prominent locations are Kiev oblast to the west, and Zaporizhia and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts to the south east.

Overall, the last name MACEIJ is most commonly found in territories that used to be controlled by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (present-day Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine).

Variations of the surname Maceij

MACEIJ is a surname of Slavic origin predominantly found in on the region of the Western Balkans as well as parts of Central Europe. It is most common in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, and Slovenia. The original spelling of the surname was MACEYJ.


Alternative spellings used by different families are found in Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Macedonian dialect as MACEK, MACEIK, MACEIK, MACEKJ, MACEKOV, MACEKOVIC, MACEKTIS, and MACEVIC.

Surnames with identical origin can also be found as a result of immigrants who settled in different foreign countries. Such names include Mackey, Macey, Matsey, Macsey, Macsay, Maesy, Massy, and Masie.

In some cases, the surname MACEIJ has been misspelled as MATSY, MASCI, MATSIE, and MASSY.

Overall, the surname MACEIJ has a variety of spellings and variants stemming from several different countries and regional dialects. The most popular variant is the original MACEYJ, with many others having a similar origin or being a result of misspelling.

Famous people with the name Maceij

  • Ondřej Maceij: Czech ice hockey player
  • Jakub Maceij: Czech ice hockey player
  • Lubomír Maceij: Czech footballer
  • Jozef Maceij: Slovakian footballer
  • Sam Maceij: British television presenter
  • Štefan Maceij: Slovakian footballer
  • Mário Maceij: Slovakian footballer
  • Michał Maceij: Polish footballer
  • Jacek Maceij: Polish sailor and Olympic medalist
  • Christopher Maceij: American singer-songwriter

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