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Surname Maceiunas - Meaning and Origin

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Maceiunas: What does the surname Maceiunas mean?

The last name Maceiunas is derived from the Lithuanian word "maceius”, which means “butcher.” Maceiunas may have been a descriptive occupational surname referring to a family member who worked as a butcher in Lithuania. Alternatively, it may have been a nickname for a large or strong person, given the strength required to wield a butcher’s cleaver.

The Maceiunas name has born by many notable people, beginning with Mikas Maceiunas, the famous avant-garde architect and graphic designer, who was a founding member of the international art movement Fluxus. Some other members of the Maceiunas family are lawyer Saulius Maceiunas and restaurateur Julius Maceiunas.

Nowadays, Maceiunas remains a relatively common surname in Lithuania, and is found less commonly in other countries around the world. It has evolved over time from its original form as Maceiais, to Macevas and eventually Maceiunas.

The name Maceiunas is a reminder of the long history of Lithuanians around the world and embodies the Lithuanian spirit of strength, resilience and hard work in the face of uncertainty and challenges. It is a special name that carries with it a unique story to each person who holds it.

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Maceiunas: Where does the name Maceiunas come from?

The last name MACEIUNAS is most commonly found in Lithuania and areas throughout Eastern Europe, such as Latvia and Poland. There is a small presence of Maceiunas in the United States as well, especially in larger cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The population in the United States is believed to have come from Lithuanian immigrants in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

The Maceiunas surname belongs to a family of Lithuanian nobility with a long history, and at one point the Maceiunas family owned two noble estates. They were Big Maceiunai Manor (built by Marcijonas Macejunas, circa 1589) and Little Maceiunai Manor (built by Jan Macejunas, circa 1652).

The Maceiunas name can also be found in Lithuania’s records of registered churches dating back to the 15th century, and today it is among the top 200 most frequent surnames in Lithuania. The family is believed to have originated in the Samogitian region of Lithuania.

Maceiunas is not a common name in other parts of the world, as most of the population with this surname has stayed in Eastern Europe or immigrated to the United States. However, the Maceiunas name is still alive and well in Lithuania and other parts of Eastern Europe.

Variations of the surname Maceiunas

The surname Maceiunas is derived from the verbal root "maceiunati" which meant to search or to ferret out. In Lithuanian, this surname has many spellings and variants, including Macijauskas, Macijovskyte, Macijovskis, Maciunas, Maciuskas, Macejewski, Macejovskis, and Maceiunas.

In today's society, many individuals from Lithuania with the surname Maceiunas may be found in varying spellings representing the original root. In American English, the name may be found in various forms such as Mace, Macey, Maceo, Maciunas and Macejovskis. In other languages, such as Polish, the surname can be found with diacritics in the form of Maucasz and Macjusz.

In other countries of origin such as Ireland, some Maceiunas families adopted surnames common to the English language. These families may carry on the surname in such forms as Macey, Macie, Macy, Maisy, Maci, and Maciejewski.

In Lithuanian, the name Maceiunas is most often spelled Macijauskas. This spelling of the surname is most likely derived from the Lithuanian male given name Macijas, which is an abbreviation of the name Maciej (Magalius).

As with other surnames, surnames originating from Maceiunas also have nicknames. These nicknames can include Mace, Macek, Maciek, Macik, Macej, Maecik, and Macus.

The surname Maceiunas is an interesting combination of linguistic elements, and has given rise to many variations that exist in society today. It is a testament to the role of migration and the passing of surnames over many generations, as well as to the strength of language and its ability to evolve and change over time.

Famous people with the name Maceiunas

  • Viktoras Maceiūnas: a Lithuanian lawyer and politician.
  • Lawrence Maceiunas: a clinical psychologist with an expertise in psychological trauma.
  • Tracy Maceiunas: an actress and model who has appeared in Shutter Island and Goodfellas.
  • Elzbieta Maceiunas: an American-Lithuanian cookbook author.
  • Bronius Maceiūnas: a Lithuanian actor best known for starring in the television series Šeimos Istorijos.
  • Arturas Maceiūnas: a violinist, conductor, and composer from Lithuania.
  • Pranas Maceiunas: a Lithuanian lawyer, publicist, folk reformist.
  • Silvestras Maceiunas: a Lithuanian scientist and philosopher.
  • Saulius Maceiunas: a Lithuanian cinematographer.
  • Alfredas Maceiunas: a Lithuanian actor, theatre director, and director of television and film.

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