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Surname M'Cowis - Meaning and Origin

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M'Cowis: What does the surname M'Cowis mean?

The last name M'Cowis is a spelling variant of McCawis, a surname found in Scotland and Ireland. It is believed to be a variant of the Gaelic Mac Aodha, which is derived from the personal name Aodh or Aedh. The meaning of the name Aodh is thought to be derived from ‘fire’ or ‘ardor’.

The surname is found in mainly in Scotland and Ireland, and is considered to be a distinct variant of McCaw. Historically, both McCawis and McCaw were Gaelic names, so the two variants work well together and have the same roots and meaning.

The name M'Cowis is also linked to the Irish surname Magawly, which is thought to be derived from the same root name: Aodh. The root word, Aedh, has long been associated with strength, bravery and determination in Irish folklore, and so it follows that the surname M'Cowis shares the same attributes.

The M'Cowis surname can also be found in the United States, especially in the Southwest, and although it is usually associated with Scottish and Irish origin, it can also refer to German-American descent.

Therefore, the M'Cowis name is thought to mean ardor or fire, and is a strong and determined surname with greatly admired traits.

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M'Cowis: Where does the name M'Cowis come from?

The last name M'Cowis is most commonly associated with France, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. In France, the last name M'Cowis can be found primarily in Normandy, Pays-de-la-Loire, Brittany, and Loire-Atlantique. In Scotland, M'Cowis is most commonly found in the West Highlands, specifically in the regions of Argyll and Bute and Highland. In the United Kingdom, M'Cowis is typically found in Wales, the North of England, and as far south as the Midlands.

M'Cowis is believed to be of French origin, with the 'M' often indicating a connection to the nobility. Within France, the surname is usually associated with traditional farming and craftsmaking. These families were typically landowners, with their areas of influence being passed down for generations. In Scotland, the last name is generally associated with fishermen, both on the commercial level and within communities.

The etymology of the last name M'Cowis is derived from two Gaelic names; Mac Obsa, meaning 'son of Obsa', and Ma-Guais, meaning 'beloved son'. As is common with Gaelic names, the meaning and spelling have changed over the centuries. The name is also written M'Couis, McCowis, and, in Scotland, Mac-Uisdale.

The M'Cowis name is still fairly common today, with many families retaining this name over many years or even centuries. The geographical locations associated with the surname have stayed consistent, meaning that many of the families have a long and rich history connected to their local area.

Variations of the surname M'Cowis

The surname M'Cowis is derived from the Old German word "Mugg" and is a patronymic name meaning "son of Mugg". It is commonly seen as being spelled as M'Cowis, McCowis, Makicev, Makcev, and Makovec.

Variants of M'Cowis include Mackvius, McKevich, M'Cowis, McCowis, and Makovec, though spelling variations may vary depending on region. Additionally, the name has often been changed slightly over the passage of time, resulting in slight variants such as M'Kowis, McCwis, Macowis, and more.

The surname M'Cowis has many regional variants. In the Germany, the Netherlands, and Flanders, the original spelling is M'Cowis, but in England, the spelling has become McCowis. In Scotland, the surname takes the form of Makvius and Makvish. Similarly, many families in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Slovakia spell the surname as Makicev.

Despite the geographical differences, all these surname variants ultimately have the same origin. The variants McCowis, Makicev, and Makovec can all be found in the United States and Canada, with some individuals also spelling the name as M'Cowis.

The surname M'Cowis is sometimes found followed by a habitational or surname suffix, such as -ma or -mak, which indicates someone originally from a certain place. Additionally, the variant -vich can also often be seen as a suffix, as in the surname Makovich.

All of these variants of M'Cowis signify individuals with the same ancestry, that of the Mugge family. The varied spellings of the surname are a testament to the surviving cultural and geographical diversity of the name, and the fact that it has been transmitted across many generations and various countries.

Famous people with the name M'Cowis

  • Debby Mcowis: founder of Appleseed Learning Academy
  • Jeffrey Mcowis: American reality television personality
  • Chip Mcowis: former MLB pitcher
  • Tate Mcowis: Canadian football player
  • Monte Mcowis Sr.: former NFL running back
  • Einer Mcowis: Norwegian footballer
  • Sylvia Mcowis: professional long jumper
  • Dewitt Mcowis: prospector and civil engineer
  • Miles Mcowis: American astrophysicist
  • Blythe Mcowis: American poet and author

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