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Surname M'Guire - Meaning and Origin

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M'Guire: What does the surname M'Guire mean?

The last name M'Guire is a patronymic surname, derived from the Gaelic (Irish) personal name 'Maguadh,' which is made up of two elements: "mag," meaning "field," and "uidhir," meaning "noble." Through centuries of immigration, the name has spread throughout the world, mostly anglicized to McGuire.

According to historical records, the M’Guires were descended from one of the main earldoms of ancient Donegal. They were the chief stewards to the royal O’Donnell Clan, whose base of power in Ulster, Ireland was centered in Donegal. Historians speculate that the M’Guire clan dates back to the early days of Ireland and was probably presented with a grant of land by the O'Donnell Clan in return for services rendered to the high king of Ireland.

The M’Guires were a powerful sept, or division, within the Donegal area, holding sway for centuries among a blighted population of conquered Irish people. They owned extensive areas of land and had their own laws that governed their clan. The M’Guires were a proud clan, descended from many generations of noble families, and this characteristic is reflected in the name which was passed from generation to generation.

Today, descendants of the M’Guires across the world may still share the same aims and ideals that their distant ancestors held dear, with a strong sense of loyalty, honor, and duty. A number of those bearing the M’Guire name have achieved great success in their chosen field, and provided each generation with a proud and distinguished legacy to pass through the ages.

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M'Guire: Where does the name M'Guire come from?

The last name M’Guire is predominantly found in English speaking countries today, mainly in the United Kingdom and the United States. In the UK, M’Guire is most commonly found in Ireland and Northern Ireland, with populations in Scotland, England, and Wales, albeit in smaller numbers. In the United States, the M’Guire last name is concentrated in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the east, out to Wisconsin, Texas and California in the west, but it is spread out across the country. Some parts of the country with smaller numbers include Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Putting it in a worldwide context, M’Guire can be found in countries all around the world, such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, and South Africa.

The origin of the M’Guire surname comes from the original Irish form "Mac Uidhir", which means ‘son of Odhar’, a personal name derived from Celtic. It is a ‘mac’ name, meaning ‘son of’, indicating that it started out as a patronymic name. Initially, the name was a hereditary name as a result of a shared ancestor.

M’Guire is, and has continued to be, a popular last name. Its presence in England and the United States dates back to the 1700s, and reports suggest that the number of people with the last name M’Guire has been steadily increasing since this time.

Variations of the surname M'Guire

The surname ‘M'Guire’ is a Gaelic surname of Irish origin derived from the old Gaelic name ‘Mag Uidhir’, which means ‘son of Odhar’. This surname is one of the most common surnames in Ireland and is also prevalent in areas settled by Irish immigrants such as Scotland, England, Australia and the United States.

The surname can be spelled in a variety of ways, including ‘Maguire’, ‘McGuire’, ‘MacGuire’, ‘M’Guire’ or ‘M'Gwire’. Additionally, the surname can take other forms such as ‘Gwire’, ‘MacQuire’, ‘Maguior’, or ‘MackGwyer’.

Variations of this surname may also be spelled differently depending on what language it is written in. In Irish, Gaelic and Manx, the surname could be written as ‘Mag Uidhir’ or Mac Uidhir’. In Scotland, it could be spelled as ‘McQuhir’, ‘McQuire’ or ‘Magwir’.

The name can also take on different versions depending on whom the family is related to. For example, if the family was related to the ancient Irish chieftains known as the Uí Meic Uidhir, the surname could also take on the form ‘Maguire MacUidhir’.

Throughout the years, the spelling of this surname has changed due to numerous influences and circumstances. Families would often Anglicise their surname when dealing with civil authorities, finding it easier to spell it in the language of the government. This would account for some of the greater number of surnames variations seen today.

Famous people with the name M'Guire

  • Milo Ventimiglia: Actor (best known for his roles on NBC's This Is Us and NBC's Heroes)
  • Joseph M'Guire: Former Senator of Massachusetts
  • Greg M'Guire: Olympic Gold Medalist and Professional Ice Hockey Player
  • Shaun M'Guire: Actor and One of the Hosts of CW's Beauty and the Geek
  • Meghan M'Guire: Actress (known for her roles in NCIS, That '70s Show, ER, and Weeds)
  • Mary M'Guire: Renowned Painter and Sculptor
  • Emma M'Guire: Award-Winning Children's Book Author
  • Brendan M'Guire: Professional Golfer, Two-Time Masters Winner
  • Horatio M'Guire: Award-Winning Pop and Country Music Artist
  • Laurence M'Guire: Award-Winning Comedian and Actor (best known for his role as Hank on The Office)

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