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Surname M'Ghie - Meaning and Origin

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M'Ghie: What does the surname M'Ghie mean?

The last name M'Ghie is of Scottish origin and is derived from the Gaelic MacGee. It is associated with the Clan MacGee, a Highland clan from Scotland. The clan was formed in the 11th century, descended from Ged, a Pictish lord, and was believed to be descended from the ancient royalty of Scotland.

The name may also be derived from the Gaelic "Mac Gughe", which means "son of the smith", indicating the family may have been of artisan origins.

The M'Ghie family were mainly based in the county of Ayr in Scotland, where they had been granted lands by early royal charters, as well as in the city of Glasgow. Many of the family went on to become members of the influential and affluent banking and merchant families of Glasgow in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The M'Ghie family dispersal saw members of the clan settle in Northern Ireland and other parts of Britain where their name continues to be passed down through the generations. To this day, M'Ghie is a common surname in Scotland, as those bearing it can take pride in their heritage and unique cultural identity.

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M'Ghie: Where does the name M'Ghie come from?

The surname M'Ghie is most commonly found today in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, an island located off the coast of northwestern Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. More recently, the M'Ghie surname has been found in some parts of England, in Australia, and in the United States.

In Santa Cruz, Tenerife, the M'Ghie surname is especially common among the island's indigenous population. This surname is one of the most common through history on the distant island, and is likely derived from Spanish roots. It is largely believed to be an adaptation of the Spanish surnames "de Migue" and "de Miguel," which are derived from the biblical name "Michael."

In England, the M'Ghie surname is fewer in number, but still can be found in some parts. These families of M'Ghie are generally the descendants of Scottish migrants or those with Scottish ancestry who relocated to other parts of the British Isles in the 18th century.

In the United States, the M'Ghie surname can be found primarily in New York City, where many native Tenerifean families migrated in the mid-twentieth century. Australia also boasts a number of M'Ghie families, tracing their roots to the original 18th-century Scottish settlers, as well as to more recent lines of immigration.

The M'Ghie surname is a reminder of the layers of human history that have shaped various cultures over the course of time. The international migrations that began centuries ago, and continue even today, have spread this surname. Wherever the M'Ghies have gone, their unique history is a testament to the power of human movement.

Variations of the surname M'Ghie

The surname M’Ghie is of Scottish origin and has numerous variants and spellings, including MacGhie, MacGhie, M’Ghee, MacGhee, MacGehee, McGhee, M'Ghiey, M'Gee, McGey, MacGeay, MacGie, MacGey, MagGie, and MacGheey.

The surname M’Ghie is derived from the Gaelic word “mac gaoithe” meaning "son of the wind." It was likely adopted by a family from the Scottish Highlands who had a strong connection to the wind in some way. The name could also have been adapted from the names derived from the Old Norse element “vindi” meaning “wind.”

Variants of the name are commonly found in Scotland and Ireland, but the spelling and pronunciation can vary. For example, the spelling of MacGhie is sometimes written without the “Mac” (this is known as a patronymic). In some areas of Scotland it is pronounced “MacGe-a” whilst in other areas it is pronounced “Mac-Ghee”.

In Ireland, variants such as MagGie, MacGeay and MacGheey can be found. The variants of M’Ghie can be used interchangeably with each other, but should not normally be confused with other surnames.

The surname M’Ghie is a relatively common name, and can be found in various countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and parts of Europe. While most variants of M’Ghie remain fairly uncommon in the UK, it is still relatively widespread in Scotland.

Famous people with the name M'Ghie

  • Roderick M'Ghie, American professional basketball player
  • Norman M'Ghie, former Jamaican athlete
  • Jean-Michel M'Ghie, French-American actor and singer
  • Dr. Ian M'Ghie, professor of Obinfectious Diseases and Lung Biology at the University of Edinburgh Medical School
  • Patricio M'Ghie, Chilean football (soccer) midfielder
  • Justin M'Ghie, British rugby league coach
  • Jo M'ghie, British actress
  • Stanson M'Ghie, Kenyan boxing champion
  • Cameron M'Ghie, Australian professional footballer
  • Selma M'Ghie, author of “On the Verge of Freedom: The Back-To-Africa Movement in Arkansas”
  • Samir M'Ghie, former Lebanese short-distance sprinter
  • Deshane M'Ghie, Irish-born author and screenwriter

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