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Surname MacLeroy - Meaning and Origin

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MacLeroy: What does the surname MacLeroy mean?

The last name MacLeroy is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Le roi, which translates to "son of the king". This name likely originated from a father-son relationship where the father was considered a leader, thus giving his son the title of royalty.

The name MacLeroy is most likely of Scottish origin, and it is also found in Ireland, particularly in Northern Ireland. It is a frequent surname in the Ulster Province and is common within certain families, such as the Clan MacLeod and Clan MacGregor. The name is especially common in Scotland and Ireland, but is also found in the United States and Canada.

While the origin of the name MacLeroy cannot be fully verified, various sources suggest that the name finds its root in old Gaelic words meaning “wise” and “courageous”. Variations of the name include MacLeroi, McLeroy, McLeroie, and MacLeroy.

The name MacLeroy has a royal and noble significance, and it is strongly associated with ancient traditions and honor. While the name has made its way around the world, its strong heritage and royal connections can still be seen in Scots and Irish families that bear the name.

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MacLeroy: Where does the name MacLeroy come from?

The last name MacLeroy is common in parts of Canada and the United States, with most of the population concentrated in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Canada's largest concentrations of MacLeroy are in Nova Scotia, Alberta, and British Columbia. Outside of North America, the surname can also be found in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

According to the National Institute of Genealogical Studies, the MacLeroy surname is of Irish origins and is derived from the Gaelic names Mac Giolla Ruaidh or Mac Giolla Ruaidh, meaning "servant of Ruaidh, or 'red one' in English". It is possible that the name was first used by someone who had red hair or was descended from someone with red hair.

The history of the MacLeroy surname in the United States begins in the early 1800s when the family members emigrated from Ireland. During the 19th century, MacLeroy's began to settle in rural areas such as Pennsylvania, where the surname remains quite common. As the family spread out, other MacLeroy ancestors made homes in places like Arkansas, Texas, and Florida.

In the 21st century, there are an estimated 9,000 people in the United States bearing the MacLeroy name. It is likely that with the ease of travel and immigration, the MacLeroy population is much higher worldwide today.

Variations of the surname MacLeroy

The MacLeroy surname is a variation of the French surname MacLaren or MacLaurin, which is derived from the Old Gaelic name Mac Labhruinn, meaning ‘son of Labhruinn’. This name was ultimately given to individuals who were descended from Labhruinn, a Gaelic god of the sea.

The variants of MacLeroy include MacLeroy, McLeroy, McLroy, McLeroe, MacLeroe, McLaroy, McLaroe, McLarey, Mclare, and Leroy.

There are also many other spellings of the surname, such as MacLaren, McClaren, MacLarran, MacLaurin, McLaurin, McLarran, MacLerran, McClerran, MacLearan, McLeran, McLerran, MacLerran and McLarre.

In addition, other surnames of similar origin include MacLachlan, MacLachlin, MacLaughlan, MacLaughlin, McLachlan, McLachlin, McLaughlan, McLaughlin, Mclauchlan, McLauchlin, and MacLawrence.

Lastly, many individuals with the MacLeroy surname today also have surnames that are derived from other cultures, such as Irish, Scottish, and English. Examples of these surnames include Moore, Doyle, Murry, McDonagh, McGregor, and Kennedy.

Famous people with the name MacLeroy

  • Ian MacLeroy: an American actor most known for his role as "Private Cesar Diaz" in the 2001 movie "Saving Private Ryan".
  • Angus MacLeroy: an American country music artist and actor who released his self-titled debut album in 2012.
  • Dorothy MacLeroy: an American actress who is best known for her roles films like "The Amityville Horror" (2005), "X-Men: The Last Stand" (2006), and "The Valley of Elah" (2007).
  • Charles MacLeroy: the first Chief of Police of Miami and a veteran of the Spanish-American war.
  • John MacLeroy: an American army veteran and politician who served as the mayor of Mountain Home, Arkansas from 1955 to 1957.
  • Donald MacLeroy: a prominent American businessman recognized in the Guinness Book of Records for being the world’s greatest collector of Presidential memorabilia.
  • William MacLeroy: an American politician and the 21st governor of Minnesota from December 1932 to January 1933.
  • Charlotte MacLeroy: an American artist and the inventor of the MacLeroy painting technique which uses a unique combination of brush strokes and colors.
  • Arthur MacLeroy: an American professional golfer who competed on the PGA Tour from 1955 to 1981 and won a total of five professional tournaments.

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