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Surname MacLergain - Meaning and Origin

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MacLergain: What does the surname MacLergain mean?

The last name MacLergain is of Scottish origin and derives from the Gaelic name Mac Laighearn which means "son of the laureate". Historically, this surname was associated with great learning and wisdom, as a laureate was a respected poet, scholar, or teacher.

The MacLergain family was originally located in Argyll, Scotland, near the Isle of Mull. It is likely that the original spelling of the name was MacLeirghean, which translates from Gaelic as ‘the sons of the one learned in sacred things'. Through the ages, the spelling of the name has changed, so it is also seen as MacLeirgan, MacLehirgan, Macleargan, MacLuergan and MacLergain, among others.

Today, the MacLergain family is spread across the globe, from their roots in Scotland to being located in many countries around the world. Those who bear the name are proud of its proud history and seek to preserve its original meaning of great learning and wisdom.

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MacLergain: Where does the name MacLergain come from?

The last name MacLergain is believed to originate from the ancient region of Ulster in Ireland. This is a region in the north of the island that stretches from Donegal to Antrim. In more modern times, it is most common in Northern Ireland, particularly in counties such as Antrim, Fermanagh, Derry and Armagh. This is most likely due to the relatively high percentage of people in those counties who have a Northern Irish identity.

MacLergain is also found in other parts of Ireland, due to Irish migrations to Great Britain and the US during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. In recent years, the name has become more widely spread, with larger numbers of people emigrating from Ireland to Australia, Canada, the United States and further afield.

In the 21st century, the name MacLergain is most common in the United States, where there is a strong Irish-American community. According to data from the US census, more than 6,000 people have the last name MacLergain in the United States, with concentrations in the states of Massachusetts, New York, California and Illinois. In other countries, particularly the United Kingdom, the name is far less common, with small numbers in England, Scotland and Wales.

Variations of the surname MacLergain

The form of the surname MacLergain is derived from the Irish Mac Giolla Argain which roughly translates to Son of the Devotee of Argain. Variants of the surname include Mac Giolla Argain, Mac Lergain, Mac Gergain, Maclergain and Mac Lergaine. MacLergain can also be translated as Mc Gethern or Mc Gergain.

The anglicised forms of MacLergain include Maclurgen, Mclairgene, MacGurgene, McLöran and McLergain.

Some variant spellings and variations of the names are:

• McLernan

• McLernen

• Clojure

• De Clergain

• McLurgans

• McLorans

• McLaranes

• MacGurgan

• McLorgane

• MacLegain

• McGurgin

• MacGurgen

• McLergen

• MacLergen

• Mc Lergain

• McGargin

• McLergein

• MacLaraine

• MacLeraine

• MacLegain

• MacLoirans

• MacLoirin

• MacLohrain

• MacLoirain

• MacLorpain

Other spellings of the same origin surname include MacLergun, MacGegain, MacGergain, MacLerrane, MacLirgan, MacLergin, MacLorigan, MacLergan and MacLergane.

In addition, some researchers have suggested alternate surnames from the same root, including Leggin, McLergin and Mullarkey.

The surname MacLergain can also be found in different countries around the world such as England, Scotland, France and the USA.

Variations of the surname can also be found in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Ireland and Canada.

Overall, there are many spelling variations and surnames of the same origin for the surname MacLergain.

Famous people with the name MacLergain

  • Lorne MacLergain: Canadian professional ice hockey goalkeeper. He played eight seasons in the National Hockey League from 1966 to 1974.
  • Neil MacLergain: Scottish footballer who played in the English League for Stockport County and Northampton Town.
  • James MacLergain: Australian footballer who played in the Victorian Football League between 1950 and 1957.
  • David MacLergain: Scottish professional footballer who played as a left winger for Glasgow Celtic between 1985 and 1996.
  • Kirsty MacLergain: Scottish former singer-songwriter and reality television star best known for her appearances on Hear'Say and Big Brother UK.
  • Graham MacLergain: British professional rally driver, winner of the Scottish Rally Championship in 2007.
  • Alberto MacLergain: Spanish rally driver, winning the Spanish Gravel Rally Championship in 2005 and 2006.
  • Angus MacLergain: Canadian-American skater, winner of several international speed skating medals in the 2000s.
  • Cara MacLergain: British economist and entrepreneur, appointed as the chair of the Federation of Small Businesses in 2017.
  • Margaret MacLergain: prominent Irish politician, first female president of the Irish Labour Party in 2002.

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