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Surname MacVicar - Meaning and Origin

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MacVicar: What does the surname MacVicar mean?

The last name "MacVicar" is of Scottish origin and it means "son of the vicar." This surname is linked to the clergy, as "vicar" usually refers to a member of the clergy in the Christian church, specifically within the Anglican tradition. The prefix "Mac" is Gaelic for "son of." Thus, a person with the last name MacVicar is understood to be descended from a line of religious leaders or ministers. This name was often given to individuals whose fathers held the position of a vicar. Over time, it became a hereditary surname passed down through generations. It's important to note that surnames were often used as an indication of a person's occupation or lineage during their creation and use in the Middle Ages.

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MacVicar: Where does the name MacVicar come from?

The surname MacVicar originates from Scotland, specifically the western part of the country, known for its Gaelic heritage. The name directly translates to "son of the vicar", produced during a time when clerical celibacy was not strictly observed in the country. The surname is not particularly common today, but you would likely find a higher concentration in Scotland due to its origins. It's also quite possible to find the name in areas with significant Scottish emigration history, such as Canada, the United States, and Australia. There may be numerous spelling variations including McVicar, MacVicar, MacVicker and others, largely due to a lack of standardization in the translation of Gaelic names into English.

Variations of the surname MacVicar

The surname MacVicar primarily originates from the region of Scotland. The name is derived from the Gaelic elements "mac" and "bhicir" which translate to "son of a vicar". This surname has many variations due to regional differences, migration, and pronunciation discrepancies over time.

Variants of the surname MacVicar include: McVicar, MacVicker, McVicker, MacVicars, McVicars, Mac a' Bhicir, and MacVicair. It is also possible to find spellings that don't include the 'a' between 'Mac' and 'Vicar' such as Mcvicar or a single 'c' instead of 'cc' like MacVicar.

The surname has also changed with emigration, especially during times of Scottish diaspora where many Scots relocated to countries like the United States, Canada and Australia. In this case, you may find variations such as Vickers or Vickars.

Despite the diversity of spellings and variations, all these surnames still essentially relate back to their Gaelic origin, signifying the lineage of 'the son of the vicar'.

Famous people with the name MacVicar

  • Alan MacVicar: Scottish journalist and newscaster
  • Annie MacVicar: figure skating coach
  • Angus MacVicar: Canadian businessman and politician
  • Doug MacVicar: American football running back
  • Euan MacVicar: Scottish film and television actor
  • Gordon MacVicar: Australian poet
  • Ken MacVicar: Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Leslie MacVicar: Canadian politician and women's rights activist
  • Mike MacVicar: American jazz saxophonist and composer
  • Neil MacVicar: British soldier and Victoria Cross recipient
  • Rory MacVicar: Scottish hereditary Clan Chief
  • Wendy MacVicar: Canadian radio broadcaster and television producer

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