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Surname MacVicker - Meaning and Origin

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MacVicker: What does the surname MacVicker mean?

The surname MacVicker is derived from the Ancient Scottish and Irish cultures, meaning "son of a vicker." A vicker was an old trade name, referring to someone who treated or mended leather. It could also have references to the Anglo-Saxon culture, meaning one who worked with leather-wear, such as saddles or bags.

The family name is likely derived from the Norse prefix “Mak-,” which means son, and the Old English word “wiccere,” which means maker or mender. Therefore, the surname MacVicker literally means “son of a mender.”

In early days, the MacVicker surname was common in Northern England and Scotland, particularly in the southern border areas of the country. The name was also popular in Ireland during the sixteenth century, when many Irish names were changed to English variations.

The MacVicker family originated in the border lands of Scotland and England, and its members descend from a long line of skilled leather-makers and craftsmen. In various parts of the world, the name is alternatively spelled “Vicker,” “Mackvicker” or “McVikar,” though all of these spellings refer to the same ancestral line.

The MacVicker name is a proud emblem of honour and loyalty, imbued with a rich and vibrant history, and its bearers are rightfully proud of where their family name came from.

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MacVicker: Where does the name MacVicker come from?

The last name MacVicker is most commonly found in North America today. Specifically, the name is most prominent in the United States, Canada, and Scotland.

In the United States, the name is most commonly found in the Northeast and Midwest. States with the highest concentration of MacVicker families include Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Michigan.

In Canada, MacVicker is found in all provinces, albeit in small concentrations. The provinces with the highest concentration of MacVickers include Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

In Scotland, the last name has seen a dramatic decline in recent years; however, the majority of the name is still found in the lowlands and northernmost parts of the country. Counties with the highest concentration of MacVicker families include Ross & Cromarty, Edinburgh, and East Lothian.

Overall, the MacVicker name is fairly common in North America. Those with the last name can trace their roots back to the advantages of Scottish and Irish immigration to the continent.

Variations of the surname MacVicker

The surname MacVicker is an ancient Scottish surname derived from the personal name (nickname) of Vikingr. It is most commonly found as Vicker, Vickar, Vigar and MacVicker.

Vicker is one of the most popular variants of the MacVicker surname, and appears in records as far back as the 16th century. It is associated with Nickname origins, derived from the Vikingr—which is a personal name indicating a person descended from a warrior of the Scandinavian invasions. This spelling appears in places throughout the British Isles, including England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Scandinavia.

Vickar is another variant of the MacVicker name, found mainly in Scotland and England. It likely evolved from the Vikingr personal name, as many surnames in Scotland were derived from these old Norse nicknames. It is thought to indicate someone who was a warrior, or related to the Vikingr clans.

Vigar is another spelling variation of the MacVicker name, found mainly in places in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is likely derived from the word “Vig,” meaning “battle” or “fight.” This variant likely originated as a nickname for someone courageous in battle, or a warrior related to the Vikingr clans.

Another variant of the MacVicker name is MacVicker. This is the spellings of the name most commonly found in Scottish records, and on ancestral records in Ireland. It is thought to be derived from the old Norse personal name of Vikingr, and is associated with Nickname origins related to warfare and courage.

Overall, the MacVicker surname has many spelling variations and derivative surnames, including Vicker, Vickar, Vigar and MacVicker. These names were all derived from the old Norse personal name of Vikingr, which was used as a nickname for warriors of the Scandinavian invasions.

Famous people with the name MacVicker

  • Rob MacVicar: Canadian actor who is best known for playing Dr. Lam on the hit supernatural series Supernatural.
  • James MacVicar: Scottish actor who is best known for starring in the acclaimed films Shallow Grave and Braveheart.
  • Mark MacVicar: Canadian comedian and former host of the CBC series The Big Curtain who has also appeared in movies such as Clueless and Get Carried Away.
  • Hugh MacVicar: Canadian singer and songwriter best known for his hit single “Losing You”.
  • Bruce MacVicar: American actor and producer who has appeared on NCIS and Grimm.
  • Kirk MacVicar: Canadian actor who appeared in the tv series The Dead Zone and the movie The Expendables 2.
  • John MacVicar: Canadian actor who had a recurring role on the Canadian tv series The Beachcombers.
  • William MacVicar: Scottish actor who appeared in the BBC historical drama Poldark.
  • Bill MacVicar: Canadian actor and voice actor who played the lead role on the Canadian animated series Anne of Green Gables.
  • Gord MacVicar: Canadian actor best known for his roles on The X Files, Smallville and Human Target.

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