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Surname Male - Meaning and Origin

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Male: What does the surname Male mean?

The last name "Male" does not have a specific meaning on its own. The meaning of a surname typically depends on its origin or any cultural or historical significance attached to it. However, in the specific context of the last name "Male", it's hard to determine a precise meaning because it can have various origins.

In English-speaking countries, the surname could have possibly emerged from a nickname, referring to character traits or occupation. It might also have geographical origin, as a name given to individuals that came from a place called Male, such as the town in Italy or in Belgium.

In Eastern European traditions, the surname Male could be derived from the name Mal, which means "little" or "small".

In some cases, names might have been altered haaphazardly, making it difficult to trace back to the original meaning.

Thus, without a specific cultural or geographical context, the surname "Male" doesn't have a universally applicable meaning.

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Male: Where does the name Male come from?

The last name Male is most commonly seen in the United Kingdom, particularly in England. It is a patronymic surname derived from the personal name, Mall, which is of Old English origin. The name Mall was derived from names beginning with Mal, which in turn came from the Old German malha meaning "council". The Male name is first recorded in the 13th century with the birth of Nicholas Male in 1279.

The name Male can also be found across Europe, particularly in France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Scandinavia. Records show that the Male name is also found in parts of New Zealand and Australia where it spread with the migration of the British Isles.

The Male surname in the United States can be mostly traced back to the 1840 census where individuals with the name Male were recorded to have settled in Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. The popularity of the name Female has steadily grown with the population in the United States.

The Male name is still very popular today in the United Kingdom, particularly England, and is also found throughout Northern and Western Europe, Southeast Australia, New Zealand, and in the United States. The variation of this surname in other countries is also quite significant, especially in France, Greece, and Norway.

Variations of the surname Male

There are numerous variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname MALE. Some of the most common variants include Maley, Mall, Mallay, Malli, Mally, Malloy, and O’Maley.

Maley is a variant of the surname which is found mainly in Irish families. This name is derived from the Gaelic word “Maol” which means bald. The Mall variant is derived from the Old French term “mal” which means bad or distorted. The Malli and Mally versions of the surname are derived from the French and Italian terms for “gentleman" and “man".

The Malloy version of the surname is found mainly in Gaelic families and is derived from the Irish word “maol” meaning bald. The O’Maley version is derived from an Irish clan, which is located in Connacht and is of the same origin as the Mally variant.

Other variations of the name include Malo, Moly, Malley, Mello, Melloy, Mealo, Malloye, Maleoke, Maleyke, Malick, Malake, Malac, Malock, Mallicus, Malloc, Mallick, Mallock, Malloke, Mallack, Malak, Mallac, and Maleck. The surname can also be spelled in various ways such as Mallow, Malo, Mall, Malei, Malli, Malloy, Maley, and Melloy.

The various spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname MALE cover a wide spectrum of countries and cultures, and all date back to similar origins.

Famous people with the name Male

  • Jimmy Male (English actor)
  • Frederick Male (American actor)
  • Moshe Male (Israeli artist)
  • David Male (Australian architect)
  • Stuart Male (English journalist and broadcaster)
  • Lorenz Male (Swiss painter)
  • William Male (British surgeon and writer)
  • Harold Male (British educationalist)
  • Richard Male (English actor)
  • Francis Male (American military and political leader)
  • Mike Male (American baseball player)
  • Nathan Male (Australian cricketer)
  • Philip Male (British sculptor)
  • Jack Male (American football player)
  • John Male (English cricketer)
  • Edward Male (American brigadier general)
  • Richard Male (English historian)
  • Walter Male (African-American trombonist and bandleader)
  • Andrew Male (Scottish actor)
  • Derek Male (British politician)

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