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Surname Malers - Meaning and Origin

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Malers: What does the surname Malers mean?

The last name Malers is a German surname. It is a toponymic name, meaning it is derived from the name of a place, and likely began as a habitational name - someone who originated from the place with the same name. The place name itself is derived from an old German word meaning ‘a wet, soggy meadow’. It likely originates from one of the many lowland areas in present-day Germany, such as in Bavaria, Saxony, Thuringia or Brandenburg.

The name Malers is found predominantly in areas of the United States that were populated by German immigrants in the 16th to 19th centuries, particularly Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Missouri, Indiana and Wisconsin. However, it is also found in other countries, particularly in Austria and Switzerland.

Today, those bearing the Malers name are likely descended from a long line of ancestral farmers, as the surname has come to be associated with the agricultural lifestyle. Its bearer could have a shared a connection to farming and the land, as well as a proud heritage of German ancestry.

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Malers: Where does the name Malers come from?

The surname Malers is an old Germanic family name that is especially common in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The name is derived from the Low German word "maler", meaning the profession of a painter, and is believed to have been first used by painters who were members of the same family of painters.

Today, the Malers name is still found in all three countries. In the Netherlands, it is one of the top 200 surnames and is especially common in the eastern part of the country. In Belgium, the Malers name is most common in the northern region of Flanders. In Luxembourg, it is most commonly found in the southern region.

Elsewhere, the Malers name can be found in Germany and Scandinavia, particularly in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The family name is also common in France and some areas of the United States, with many families bearing the name having migrated from Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In some countries, such as Canada and the United Kingdom, the Malers name has almost completely disappeared. It is believed that this is because many families with the name chose to leave during the World Wars, and most of those who chose to stay adopted different names.

Variations of the surname Malers

The surname Malers is believed to have originated in Germany and is a variation of the more common name Mähler, Maaler, Mäler, or Maler.

Mähler (also spelled Maehler, Mäler, Maaler, Maeler, Máhler, Mählor, Malor) was a surname used by people living in Bavaria and other southern German regions. It is derived from a root word meaning “maler” which translates to “painter” in English and refers to a person involved in the craft of mural painting and decorating.

The other surnames variations are Meller, Mellerbert, Melli, Mellner, Mellin, Maller, Maler, Maleroda, Malerwitz, Malerr, Malersbasch. The German word Mehl comes from the same root word meaning "flour," indicating that surname could also be linked to millers or bakers.

Malers is also used as a part of other surnames such as Mammeller, Lameller, Riemmeller, and Schermeller, which have their own distinct etymologies and histories.

The Malers family name is also found among Jews living in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland. These Jews typically adopted different forms of the Malers surname such as Maller, Mallinger, and Malerstein.

The Malers surname is seen in countries around the world today, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and England. As a result, there are many variants and spellings of the name, all of which are related to its German roots.

Famous people with the name Malers

  • Zane Maler: a musician and actor best known for writing the song “See You Again”.
  • Erich von Malers: a German dramatist and lyric poet of the early 19th century.
  • Alison Malers: an American theater actress and director.
  • Wolfgang Malers: an influential German 20th century architect and urban planner.
  • Leif Malers: a Danish travel photographer and image maker.
  • Anneli Malers: a Swedish educational reformer and a professor of educational psychology.
  • Emil Malers: a Swiss-American painter and engraver, best known for his lithographs.
  • Henry Malers: an American actor and film producer.
  • Joe Malers: an American professional basketball player who was drafted by the Utah Jazz in 2004.
  • William Malers: an English author and playwright from the 1600s.

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