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Surname Malerye - Meaning and Origin

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Malerye: What does the surname Malerye mean?

The last name Malerye is of French origin and means “mare's meadow”. It is thought to be derived from the Old French language and is a relatively uncommon surname found mainly in France.

The surname is most likely derived from two words: “mare” which means female horse and “meadow” which is an area of low-lying grassland or pasture. As such, the surname could have been used to describe someone who lived near a meadow where horses were kept or farmed.

The origin of the Malerye surname may also be related to the Latin words “macer” or “macrum”, which both mean “long grass” or “broken land”. This could indicate that the origin of the name comes from an area of land that was frequently used for grazing or for other farming activities involving horses.

Given its origin, the Malerye surname is thought to be quite old. It is likely an ancient name and one that has been passed down through many generations of French families. Its meaning provides an interesting glimpse into the lives of those who bore this surname and to the geographic region in which they lived.

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Malerye: Where does the name Malerye come from?

The last name Malerye is most commonly found in France today. It is thought to have originated as a French Huguenot surname during the Hapsburg wars of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The name may have originally come from the Scottish region of Moray. The Malerye spelling of this name was most likely chosen to distinguish it from the similar-sounding Buttery and Merye surnames, which were also popular in France at the time.

Malerye families are found scattered throughout France in various areas, mainly concentrated in the regions of Aquitaine, Pays de la Loire, and Île-de-France. It is possible that some families migrated out of France to other parts of the world, but the surname remains most strongly associated with the country of its origin.

The Malerye name does not appear to have spread out much beyond France, with very few instances of the name appearing beyond the borders of the country. In the modern world, the name is still mainly found in France, though it is possible to find some individuals with the nephew surname in distant parts of the world, such as in the United States and Canada.

Variations of the surname Malerye

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Malerye vary depending on the region. In Francophone countries, the surname is spelled as Mallarye, Maléry, Maillory, Malléry, Mallérié, Mallérie, Malérye, Malerey, Malarye, Mallarye and Malorey. In English-speaking countries, the spelling is most often Mallory or Mallery.

In France, Mallery is a variant of the surname Mallerye, which comes from the Latin personal name Malerius, meaning “blackbird”. This was a common name among the Franks and other Germanic peoples, and eventually became a hereditary surname. It is most common in the regions of Normandy, Brittany, and Auvergne, as well as in other parts of France.

In England, Mallery is a variant of the surname Mallery, which comes from the Norman name Malorie, meaning “blackbird”. It is most common in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, where it is believed to have been introduced by the Norman invaders in 1066. Other variants of Mallery include Malary, Mallerye, Mallary, Mallarey, Mallarys and Mallorey.

In Scotland, Mallery is a variant of the surname Marshall, which is derived from the Anglo-Saxon occupational term marethall, meaning “keeper of horse”. Other variants of the same name include Malerie, Maillory, Malleray, Mallarye and Malorey.

In Ireland, Mallery is an Anglicized form of Gaelic surnames, such as Mac Maol-Ára, meaning “son of the servant of the god of thunder”, or Mac Maol-Rua, meaning “son of the servant of the red man”. Other variants include Mallorey, Malry, Malery, Malary, Malarey, and Mallarey.

In Wales, Mallery is a variant of the surname Malleston, which is derived from the Welsh male personal name Mallest. Other variants include Mallara, Mallare, Mallary, Mallorey, Malary and Malorey.

In Germany, Mallery is a variant of the surname Maller, which is derived from the Middle High German name mailer, meaning “dweller on the plain”. Other variants include Mallorey, Malery, Malary, Mallary, Malarey and Mallowry.

Famous people with the name Malerye

  • Jeff Malerye: Canadian professional golfer.
  • Maryvale Malerye: Nigerian poet.
  • Kathlyn Malerye: American author and humanitarian.
  • Sidney Malerye: British chemist and physicist.
  • Juan Malerye: Colombian political activist.
  • Pierre Malerye: French chef and restaurateur.
  • Carl Malerye: Swedish architect and urban planner.
  • Ariana Malerye: Israeli actress, singer, and artist.
  • Nick Malerye: American professional basketball player.
  • Maila Malerye: Philippine-American architect and designer.
  • Emory Malerye: British psychologist and mental health advocate.
  • Chappell Malerye: Canadian artist and sculptor.
  • Lani Malerye: Australian businesswoman and entrepreneur.
  • Rina Malerye: Japanese writer and speaker.
  • Julian Malerye: German racecar driver.
  • Silvester Malerye: Hungarian-born stage actor.
  • Thaddeus Malerye: American politician and former Senator.
  • Orazio Malerye: Italian-American sculptor.
  • Noelle Malerye: Dutch opera singer.
  • Zuri Malerye: Kenyan singer and songwriter.

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