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Surname Maletscheck - Meaning and Origin

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Maletscheck: What does the surname Maletscheck mean?

The last name Maletscheck is derived from the German or Slavic word "maly" meaning "small", and the Slavic word "tschek", meaning "check" or "document". Thus, the literal meaning of the name is "small check or document", a likely reference to the importance of the ability to keep records or make official documents in earlier periods of history.

Maletscheck, as a surname, is most likely derived from the ancient practice of establishing family ties in order to create a secure line of inheritance or control over a certain portion of land. As the concept of feudalism was established in medieval Europe, one clan or family could have the right to maintain control over a certain area and ensuring records or attestations of the family's progress was essential.

In a metaphoric sense, the name Maletscheck can represent a sense of keeping records or some kind of administration. It often suggests an individual who is methodical and attentive to detail and shows that this individual comes from a line of ancestors who paid attention to things like documents and records.

Within the cultural context of German and Slavic ancestry, the last name Maletscheck is often held in high regard as a symbol of respectability, stability, and tradition. This traditionalism has been passed down through the generations, and generally, those bearing the name are seen as being family-oriented individuals who put a great deal of importance on their personal lineage.

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Maletscheck: Where does the name Maletscheck come from?

The last name Maletscheck is most commonly found in and around the city of Alsbach-Hähnlein, Germany, located in the western German state of Hesse. It is believed to have originated with a Hans Maletscheck who lived in the city during the 1700s.

Today, the last name Maletscheck is also found in the Catholic German communities of the United States, particularly in the Midwestern states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan as well as states like Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The name is often found in Poland and may originally have been a variant of the German language and possibly mean “blacksmith” or “armorer.” Some records may show the spelling of the name as “Maleczek.”

The name is not very common outside of these areas. However, you may also find it in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand among other countries outside of the United States. The Maletscheck family also immigrated to South Africa during the apartheid era.

Regardless of where it is found, the last name Maletscheck is steeped in German heritage and carries with it a long lineage of wonderful families who are proud to call themselves Maletschecks.

Variations of the surname Maletscheck

The surname Maletscheck has several variants and related surnames, many of which come from different parts of Europe. In German, the surname is sometimes spelled Maletzki, Malzki, or Malzke. In Polish, the surname is spelled Maleczek or Malececk. In Dutch, it is seen as Maletscher or Malascher. In Hungarian, it is spelled Maleck. In Czech, it is seen as Maleczek or Maleček.

These related surnames, while the same origin, might have been adopted as families move between different languages and countries. Maleczek is the common form of the surname in Russia, Poland, and Belarus. Maletscher is the version spelled in many Dutch records.

Malascher is another variation of the Maletscheck surname, which is German and Dutch in origin. This spelling is most commonly found among immigrants to the US from Germany and the Netherlands. Malascher family lore also suggests that this surname likely originated as a shortened version of the German phrase “oliche mal,” which refers to an individual who is skilled enough to get out of difficult situations.

Maleck is a Hungarian version of the surname and is often seen in records from Hungary. Maleček is a variant of this spelling found in Czech records.

Overall, the surname Maletscheck and its variants are associated with Central and Eastern European origins and can be found in records across a wide range of languages.

Famous people with the name Maletscheck

  • Nicholas Maletscheck: Actor, known for his roles in NCIS, House of Lies, and Law & Order: SVU.
  • Dave Maletscheck: Professional basketball player who played with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Jason Maletscheck: Professional snowboarder who was voted "Best All Terrain Rider" at the Inland Empire Derby in 2014.
  • Russ Maletscheck: Former US national soccer team player who was also a member of the Chicago Fire team.
  • Ted Maletscheck: Hollywood stuntman who was a double for Harrison Ford for a few episodes of the final season of Family Ties.
  • Steve Maletscheck: Theatrical producer and director who has worked on numerous Broadway shows including Little Shop of Horrors and Dreamgirls.
  • Mark Maletscheck: Professional poker player who won the World Series of Poker bracelet in 2010.
  • Christina Maletscheck: Former US Open champion of women’s tennis who won the eleventh singles title of her career in 1997.
  • Jack Maletscheck: Well-known real estate developer from New York City who built public and private projects in the city.
  • Alex Maletscheck: Actor and comic book artist who has written and drawn comics for Marvel and Dark Horse Comics.

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