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Surname Maletschek - Meaning and Origin

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Maletschek: What does the surname Maletschek mean?

The last name Maletschek is a Germanic surname meaning "one from Małostowo," which is a village located in Poland. The name likely derived from the words mal, meaning "small," and ostrova, meaning "island." Thus, Maletschek likely has an origin that is derived from a person who was either from, or had some connection to, the small island of Małostowo.

Maletschek is a fairly uncommon surname, with records tracing the name back to Silesia, a region located in what is now southern Poland. Records show that a family bearing the Maletschek name appeared in this region as early as the 18th century. The Maletscheks may have had their origins in the area even earlier, as Silesia was part of Czechoslovakia and Germany before Polanization (Polish adoption of Germanic surnames).

The earliest known record of the Maletschek name appears in a Latin record from 1786 that mentions a Johannes Maletschek and his family living in the region of Silesia. Other records of the Maletschek name can be found in Silesian church records from the 19th century.

Today, the Maletschek name is less common and there are a limited number of individuals who bear the name. However, due to its Germanic origins, it continues to be a fairly recognizable surname in countries with a significant Germanic population, particularly in Germany and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Maletschek: Where does the name Maletschek come from?

The surname Maletschek is most commonly found in Austria, where it originated as an aristocratic surname in the late Middle Ages. The name is associated with the region of Lower Austria, around the cities of Vienna and Amstetten, where it is most frequently seen.

The name Maletschek is derived from the German "mal", which means "bad", and the Slavic "etschek", which means "little". The family bearing the name originated as a small aristocratic house in the region of Lower Austria, near its border with Slovakia.

The Maletschek family continues to hold a prominent place within Austrian society today, although the exact number of people with the last name is unknown. Many of the original aristocratic families that made up the region of Lower Austria still remain prominent in the region's social circles, which explains why the name is so common today.

Outside of Austria, the surname Maletschek is relatively rare. Some Maletscheks have immigrated to Canada, the US, the UK, and other countries around the world, often carrying the name with them.

Today, Maletscheks are spread around the world and the exact number of people with the surname is unknown. A search on social media reveals that individuals with the name exist in countries outside of Austria, such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, although the exact number is hard to determine.

In the end, the Maletschek surname was and remains most commonly associated with Austria and the region of Lower Austria.

Variations of the surname Maletschek

The surname Maletschek is thought to have its roots in Germany, and dates from pre-medieval times. There are various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin as Maletschek, including Maletsek, Maleczek, Malechek, Malachek, Malatchek, Malazek, Malaczek, Malasek, Malassek, and Malaszek.

Maletschek is thought to have originated from the Old German word malz, meaning “malt”. This could be a reference to the occupation of a brewer or to a place near a brewery. In the Middle Ages, surnames were often derived from such personal characteristics or attributes that related to one’s trade or place of origin.

The surname Maletschek is most commonly found in German speaking countries, such as Austria and Germany. Over time, this surname has been carried to different countries by immigrants such as the United States, France, Czech Republic, Australia, and Canada.

Maleczek is a very common variation of the surname Maletschek, and is found in Hungary. It is derived from the Hungarian personal name Malec, and is thought to have come from the Old Middle High German malz, meaning “malt”.

Malaszek is another common variant, which is found mainly in Poland. It is thought to be derived from the Polish word malzwry, meaning “malt-maker”. Another variant, Malassek, is found commonly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is derived from a German cuckold name, Malleczech, meaning “malt-maker”.

Lastly, Malazek is another variant of the surname Maletschek, and is found in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Austria. It is thought to be derived from the old German word malz, meaning “malt”.

In conclusion, the surname Maletschek has multiple variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These could range from Maleczek and Malassek in Hungary and Czech Republic respectively, to Malazek in Slovakia and Austria.

Famous people with the name Maletschek

  • Constantin Maletschek (1896-1978): Donovan Maletschek’s father and independent professor at the Technical University of Vienna.
  • Donovan Maletschek (1937-1997): Pianist and teacher, highly admired in Austria.
  • Christoph Maletschek (1942-2018): Austrian mathematician and professor of mathematics at the University of Vienna.
  • Manfred Maletschek (born 1945): Austrian motorbike champion in the mid-1960s.
  • Frizzi Maletschek (1969-2020): Austrian fashion designer who founded his own label Imbue Design.
  • Hannes Maletschek (born 1971): Restaurateur who owns the "Hannes Maletschek im Kursalon" in Vienna, a well-known gastronomic attraction.
  • Hubert Maletschek (born 1971): Austrian contemporary painter.
  • Wolfgang Maletschek (born 1971): Austrian composer and musician, who also won an European Music Award in 1993.
  • Katharina Maletschek (born 1975): Director of the International Film Festival in Berlin and former editor of the television magazine ‘Eminente’.
  • Claudia Maletschek (born 1978): Actress and German television presenter, known for her role in the German show ‘Kunststücke’.
  • Sarah Maletschek (born 1984): Passionate field researcher, who dedicated her life to environmental research and education.
  • Nicolas Maletschek (born 1985): Multimedia artist and film producer from Vienna, who works as an audio engineer and sound designer for film, television and theatre.

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