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Surname Mani - Meaning and Origin

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Mani: What does the surname Mani mean?

The last name Mani is of Indian origin and typically refers to someone of the Hindu religion who is a Brahmin or a member of the highest Indian caste system. The name Mani is thought to be derived from the Sanskrit word 'mani' which means "jewel" or "gem."

The last name Mani is somewhat unusual, but still very common. Many families who have the surname Mani are descendants of ancient Hindu families. They trace back many generations to the Vedic era, which was a period of religious and philosophical practice with roots in the ancient Indian subcontinent.

Within the Hindu caste system, Mani is typically assigned as a Brahmin surname. In modern times, this indicates that the family has historically been of a higher caste and so tend to have higher social status.

The close association between the last name Mani and Hindu culture defines the individuals that carry the name. People with the last name Mani tend to be spiritual and philosophical in nature, focused on self-improvement and betterment of their soul. This is often interpreted as leading a life of discipline, dedication, and understanding.

In conclusion, the origin and meaning of the last surname Mani is closely tied to Hindu culture, and is typically given to those who follow the principles of the caste system. The name also carries an idea of philosophical dedication, a spiritual outlook, and a disciplined lifestyle.

Mani: Where does the name Mani come from?

The last name Mani is most commonly found in countries with populations of South Asian descent. In India, the Mani surname is most seen in the state of Kerala and Tamilnadu. Outside South Asia, Mani is a popular surname in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates.

In the United States, Mani is a fairly uncommon name. According to the 2019 American Community Survey (ACS), there were only 657 individuals or 0.03% of the population with the last name Mani. Data from the same survey revealed Mani to be most popular in Texas, followed by California, New York, and Illinois.

In the United Kingdom, the frequency of the Mani surname is much lower. According to the 2019 UK Census, there were only 33 people with the surname Mani. In addition, the surname was concentrated in key cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Around the world, the Mani name is most popular in countries with South Asian populations. In the United States, the Mani surname is uncommon but is most concentrated in Texas, California, New York, and Illinois. In the United Kingdom, the name is much rarer and is mostly found in key cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Variations of the surname Mani

The surname Mani is believed to be of Italian, Spanish, Greek, Armenian, Indian, and French origins.

Variants of the surname Mani include Manie, Manee, Mannie, and Mania, as well as the Portuguese and Jewish spelling of Manis or Manisse.

In Spanish, Mani is often spelled as Maní. Several other Spanish spellings of the surname include Manne, Manies, Mannes, Manna, and many more.

In Greek, the surname Mani can be spelled as Manias, Maniatis, Maniatidis, Maniottis, and Manios, among other variations.

In Armenian, Mani is sometimes spelled as Manourian or Manoogian.

In France, the spelling of Mani is almost always written as Manie. Additionally, some French variants of the surname include Manies, Mane, and Manette.

The surname Mani is seen in a variety of cultures, and its most common variants are associated with various countries by origin. Some of the most common surnames in relation to Mani include French Manier, Greek Manios, and Italian Maini. Others include Spanish Maniez, Armenian Manoogian, and Indian Menon.

Famous people with the name Mani

  • Ariana Grande: American singer, songwriter, and actress.
  • Ismaili Mani: Indian cricketer.
  • Rizwan Mani: Pakistani actor.
  • Mangesh Mani: Indian playback singer.
  • Hansika Motwani: Indian actress.
  • Amar Mani Tripathi: Indian politician.
  • Manickam Mani: Indian poet.
  • Sathish Mani: Indian actor.
  • Manish Mani: Indian businessman.
  • Kalidas Mani: Indian actor and director.
  • Sarvesh Mani: Indian actor.
  • Usha Mani: Indian actor and producer.
  • Yogesh Mani: Indian actor and comedian.
  • Anand Mani: Indian film director.
  • Pradeep Mani: Indian film actor and director.
  • Najeeb Mani: Indian poet and lyricist.
  • J.T. Mani: Indian film producer, director, and screenwriter.
  • Santhosh Mani: Indian film director.
  • Ranganath Mani: Indian actor.
  • Satish Mani: Indian film director.

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