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Surname Marcan - Meaning and Origin

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Marcan: What does the surname Marcan mean?

The last name Marcan is derived from the Latin word marca, which was the name of a medieval Ibero-Romance language spoken in the Pyrenean region of northern Spain. The name Marcan is also similar to the Spanish name Marca.

In Europe, the name Marcan was most likely adopted as an occupational surname, as it may have been used to describe someone who was a merchant, banker, or money-lender. This type of surname was derived from the occupation of the original bearer and was often adopted in countries such as England, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

In the United States, individuals with the surname Marcan likely trace their roots back to French-Canadian, Italian, or Spanish immigrants who first settled in the country. The surname is also still found in its native country of Spain, where it is thought to have originated from a variety of regions.

The meaning of the name Marcan is thought to mean “person of the border”, “person of the marker”, or “person of the march”. It can also mean “person of the marker or boundary”, and is commonly linked to those who lived and worked near a market or boundary line.

Overall, the name Marcan likely originated from a variety of countries, and most likely has a geographical, occupational or descriptive meaning.

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Marcan: Where does the name Marcan come from?

The last name Marcan is most common today in Corsica, and across southeastern Europe, especially Italy, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria. It is a surname derived from the Latin term "marca," which means "border," as it was traditionally used to denote people from the border regions near a feudal estate. The name is also found across Central and Eastern Europe, with variants appearing in both countries and regions, particularly Marcanov in Bulgaria, Mārcāns in Latvia, and Marczan in Slovakia.

In the U.S., the name Marcan is mostly found among individuals of Italian and Slavic descent. It can sometimes vary in spelling depending on the language of origin, such as Marcans, Marcani, Marcantoni, and Maricano. The name is rather uncommon in the United States, though it is occasionally found in diverse pockets of the country.

The surname's popularity is much greater in other parts of the world, particularly in Corsica, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, and other European countries. This is especially due to families immigrating from those nations throughout the past centuries. The last name Marcan is fairly distinct across all locations and is generally associated with a strong sense of heritage and family bonds.

Variations of the surname Marcan

The surname Marcan is of Spanish origin and can be derived from “Marcano”, which is derived from the Latin word “Marcus”, meaning “warlike”. The Marcan surname is also found in Ireland, most likely as a result of Irish immigrants in the 19th century who adopted the Spanish surname.

Variants of the Marcan surname include Marcano, Marcantoni or Marcantonio, Marchetti, and Markovich. In some cases, Marcan has been anglicized to Macan, Macanle or Macenle.

Spellings for the Marcan surname include Morcone, Mucan and Makan.

Surnames of similar origin to Marcan include Marchetti, Martin, Markovich, Marco, Marchese, Marconi, Marche, Mancini, March, Mar, Mariotti and Marquez.

The Marcan surname is found today in both Spain and Ireland, as well as in the United States and Canada. It is likely to be encountered in all countries where the Spanish presence is strong.

Famous people with the name Marcan

  • David Marcan: Spanish actor, known for roles in the series ‘La casa de las flores’.
  • Edgar Marcan: Venezuelan handball player and coach.
  • Svetislav Marcan: Serbian biomolecular scientist and professor.
  • Maria Marcan: Chilean short story writer and poet.
  • Sacha Marcan: French actor, director, and playwright.
  • Carl Marcan: Swiss-German architect and politician.
  • Jürgen Marcan: German former footballer.
  • Pia Marcan: Filipino athlete and coach.
  • Leo Marcan: Canadian actor and filmmaker.

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