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Surname Marcard - Meaning and Origin

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Marcard: What does the surname Marcard mean?

The last name Marcard is a German and French surname that originated during the medieval period. This name is derived from the Latin marcus, meaning 'hammer', or mercator, literally meaning 'merchant'. The nickname was likely given to someone who was a successful merchant or a blacksmith.

In French, the surname Marcard can also talk to a person’s profession or place of origin. It can mean someone who was from Marche, which is a region in France, or someone who was a merchant or tradesman.

In the 14th and 15th centuries, the Marcard family became prominent, due to their great success as merchants. Their trades included importing spices, wine and textiles, as well as exporting iron ore, timber and cattle. Thanks to their financial success, they earned noble titles within the court of the Duke of Burgundy.

The name Marcard has been adopted in many cultures around the world and appears in many official records. Examples include United States immigration records from the 1700s and 1800s, Dutch tax records from the 1700s, German church records and English baptismal records from the 1600s.

Today, Marcard is still a popular name, especially in countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. It is also an adopted name in countries like the United States, Australia and Canada.

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Marcard: Where does the name Marcard come from?

The last name Marcard is most commonly found in France. In 2020, its prevalence is highest in the Grand Est region, where it is ranked the 359th most common name. It can also be found throughout the Normandy and Ile-de-France regions and is especially popular in Paris as the 933rd most popular last name.

The surname tends to have originated around Normandy, which is in the northwest of France. It is likely a form of the German given name “Lambert” which means “illustrious” and “bright”. It is believed that Marcard is a variant spelling of the name, and is most notably used in northern France.

The family name spread to other countries during the 19th century, when global migration began to steadily increase. It has since become more widely found in Europe, the Americas, and Australasia.

Those with the last name Marcard can trace their lineage back to France and typically have strong ties to the country. There is an association des Marcardhons, which is a social, cultural, and genealogical association that connects those with the same heritage.

The last name Marcard is a unique family name that signifies strong connections to France and the proud heritage its name brings.

Variations of the surname Marcard

The surname Marcard is of French origin and is most commonly found in the areas of Germany and Switzerland. This name began in France during the Middle Ages and was originally known as Marcadier or Marcardier, and was sometimes spelled as Marcardier. The Marcard surname also evolved into derivative spellings, such as Markard, Marcart, Marchard, Marcartte and Markert.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, many people of the Marcard surname emigrated to different parts of Europe, which resulted in a number of different spellings of the surname. People with this surname can also be found in Germany as Markard, Marcart, Marchard, Marchardt, Markert, Marcherdt, Markhardt, Marquart and Marquet. In Switzerland, the common spellings are Marcadet and Marcard, while in Austria this surname is spelled as Marqardt and Marchardt.

In the US and Canada, the Marcard surname is most commonly found in the form of Markert, as well as the original French spelling of Marcardier. There are also some variations of the Marcard surname in the US, including Marcada, Marcardi and Marcote.

Another variant of the Marcard surname is Merkert, which is most commonly found in Germany. According to public records, Merkert is derived from two names: Marc and Kurt, which is why it is sometimes spelled as Marcurt or Marcourt. The Marcard/Merkert surname is also sometimes found in its anglicized form, which is Marcus.

Famous people with the name Marcard

  • Count Claude de Marcard (1793–1879): French statesman who served as Prime Minister from 1844 to 1847.
  • Jean Henry Marcard (1794–1862): French politician who was a member of the National Assembly.
  • Maximilien de Marcard (1830–1909): French politician who served as Prime Minister from 1893 to 1895.
  • Marguerite Elisabeth Marcard (1909–2002): French businesswoman and entrepreneur who started her own fashion label.
  • Susan Marcard (1928–2013): American philanthropist, who was a major donor to the New York Public Library and other institutions.
  • Paul Marcard (active 1930): French cinematographer who worked on films such as “Hearst-Metrotone News” and “The Divorcee”.
  • Nicolas de Marcard (born 1939): French journalist, author, and French resistance fighter who wrote the novel “The Mad Years”.
  • Robert Marcard (born 1940): French economist who was a former director of the International Monetary Fund.
  • Pierre de Marcard (born 1948): French film director who is known for his work on television series such as “The Monkees” and “The Young and the Restless”.
  • Pierre Marcard (born 1953): Belgian film producer who has worked on films such as “Crimson Rivers” and “Hell”.
  • Marie-Noelle Marcard (born 1970): French model and actress who has appeared in films such as “Kiss of Fire” and “The Valley of Lies.”
  • Catherine Marcard (born 1977): French singer who competed in the first season of French version of the television singing competition “The Voice”.
  • François de Marcard (born 1983): French singer and songwriter who is well-known for the songs “Lover” and “The Rain”.
  • Maxime de Marcard (born 1990): French actor who has appeared in films such as “Marguerite & Julien” and “The Eyes of My Mother”.

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