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Surname Marcum - Meaning and Origin

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From Midwest America to Celtic Roots: Boldly Rediscovering My 'Marcum' Identity via iGENEA DNA

Grounding my identity in the Marcum family, the iGENEA DNA test opened my understanding about my lineage and its historical context. It provided insight into the migratory journeys, cultures, and practices of my Celtic ancestors. This experience has reoriented my perception of the Marcum name and reshaped my narrative of who I am.

A. Marcum

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Marcum: What does the surname Marcum mean?

The surname Marcum is of English origin and is thought to have derived from the given name "Mark" or "Marcus". The "-um" ending is unique and its original usage is not entirely clear. However, it is believed to potentially be a form of patronymic suffix, denoting "son of" or "descendant of", so Marcum can be interpreted as "son of Mark" or "descendant of Mark". The given name Mark is rooted in Mars, the Roman god of fertility and war. This suggests that the members of the Marcum family might have been known for their warrior-like traits. This last name was most likely initially used during the medieval period in England. Overall, though, as with many surnames, the specific meaning and history of the name Marcum can be difficult to trace with certainty due to changes in spelling and usage over many centuries.

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Marcum: Where does the name Marcum come from?

The last name Marcum has British origins, largely accepted as being derived from the Welsh personal name "Marc," which eventually transformed into "Marcum." Some sources also suggest that it might be a variation of the surname "Markham," originating from place names in England.

The surname is particularly prevalent in the United States, specifically in the states of Kentucky and Ohio where it seems to be the most common. Other places where the surname might not be common but significantly present include England and Australia. In most cases, the surname spread to these regions due to emigration from the United Kingdom during various periods of history. Kentucky and Ohio saw a significant increase in the Marcum surname due to internal migration within the United States.

Variations of the surname Marcum

The surname Marcum may have been derived from the personal name Marcus, which was popular among Romans and early Christians and represents the god of war, Mars. It is believed that this surname originated from Wales. Different spellings and variants of this surname came about due to misspellings, translations, or derivations over time.

This surname can be found in various forms such as Marcum, Markham, Markum, Markam, Marcom, and Markan. Among these variants, Markham is the most common and is frequently used in England.

Also, there are other surnames tied to Marcum through shared roots or similar origins. These include Marcus, Markus, Marquis, Marks, Mark, and Marcham. Surnames like Marqua, Marquart, and Marquette can also be considered connected because they share the first part "Marc."

Therefore, while "Marcum" might not be the most prevalent surname, it has a rich history with diverse variants, spellings, and related surnames derived from its root.

Famous people with the name Marcum

  • Christina Marcum: An American media entrepreneur, speaker, and CEO of BossWomen Media.
  • Peter Marcum: An American film producer and production manager.
  • J.B. Marcum: An American television producer and creative executive.
  • Jami Marcum: An American actress and director.
  • Michelle Marcum: An American music executive and president of Sony/ATV Nashville.
  • Charles Marcum: An American actor, screenwriter, and film producer.
  • Delmar Marcum: An American political activist, party official, and columnist.
  • William Marcum: An American pro-futurist, entrepreneur, and inventor.
  • Michael Marcum: An American technology entrepreneur, engineer, and investor.
  • Mark Marcum: An American actor, producer, and writer.

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