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From Midwest America to Celtic Roots: Boldly Rediscovering My 'Marcum' Identity via iGENEA DNA

Family name Marcum

Grounding my identity in the Marcum family, the iGENEA DNA test opened my understanding about my lineage and its historical context. It provided insight into the migratory journeys, cultures, and practices of my Celtic ancestors. This experience has reoriented my perception of the Marcum name and reshaped my narrative of who I am.

Until recently, the surname Marcum, along with my own family identity, had been an embodiment of a collection of shared experiences, family traditions and cultural heritage passed down through generations. However, after taking the iGENEA DNA test, there has been a pronounced expansion on my understanding of my own lineage and the historical context it resides within.

Belonging to the Marcum family, I subtly inherited a sense of belonging to something much bigger. The iGENEA DNA test shed light on the pivotal connection between my family, the Marcum surname, and our place in the broader context of human history. The results portrayed the migratory paths my ancestors took across continents and civilizations.

These findings led me to the intriguing discovery that my lineage traced back to a group of Celtic origins, contributing a new and enriched dimension to my understanding of my surname. These ancestors were not only warriors and farmers but they were also artists, philosophers, and innovators, seemingly far-removed from the humble Midwest farming town I used to identify my familial roots with.

The IGENEA DNA results were revelatory, and they've certainly reoriented my perception of the Marcum name. It's not only the name given to me at birth, but a signature deeply etched in the pages of history, a testament of the journey my ancestors took, and the legacy they have left behind.

Furthermore, it has shaped my perception of identity in itself. It has reshaped the narrative of who I am, directed not merely by the present or known past, but intricately woven with threads of the distant past I was unaware of. It articulates a narrative, not only of an individual family unit but of coherent survival, resilience, and migration of humanity.

The test has served as an illuminating bridge, connecting me to my Celtic roots, while enhancing my perception of the Marcum name. This newfound knowledge complements the stories passed down through generations, providing a new depth.

A. Marcum

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