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Surname Marlatte - Meaning and Origin

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Marlatte: What does the surname Marlatte mean?

The last name Marlatte is believed to have originated in France and is derived from the Old French word ‘marlotte’, meaning ‘goat fur’. It is also thought to be connected to the French word ‘marliere’, which translates to ‘goatherd’ or ‘goat keeper’. One interpretation suggests that this surname may have been used to distinguish people in the past who worked with goats, while another interpretation suggests that it was a nickname for someone with a shaggy or rough coat of fur.

The surname Marlatte is found throughout France and parts of the English-speaking world such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. About 88,000 people hold this surname in America, making it the 2,142nd most common surname. In England it is the 1,639th most popular name.

Throughout history, the Marlattes have been prominent figures in public life and royalty, such as Henry Lanckes, Baron of Kirkley, and his wife Anne Lanckes, Baroness of Kimley. Other notable Marlattes include the 18th-century French writer Jean-Baptiste Marlatte, the 19th-century French musician Louis-August Marlatte, the 20th-21st century French para-olympic athlete Marie-Ange Marlatte, the 20th-21st century French fashion designer Paul Marlatte, and the 21st century French Nobel laureate Christian Marlatte.

The name Marlatte has a rich history and its various interpretations may have given rise to a variety of different meanings throughout the years. For example, the original meaning of ‘goat fur’ originally was used to distinguish people in the past who worked with goats, but may now represent someone who stands out in a crowd. It may also have developed meanings related to nobility and class, as well as personal attributes such as perseverance or ruggedness.

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Marlatte: Where does the name Marlatte come from?

The last name Marlatte can be found today primarily in countries with a French and/or Creole heritage, such as France, Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Louisiana, in the United States. The earliest known recorded use of the name was in 1582 in Montreal, making it one of the oldest recorded surnames in North America.

In Haiti, the Marlatte surname is found mainly in the Northern, North East, and Artibonite departments, with the majority of descendants being descended from a French colonizer named Maurice Marlatte. Many Haitians with this surname are descendants of freed slaves as well as those who were never enslaved.

In France, records show individuals with the last name Marlatte prior to the French Revolution of 1789. Those with the name Marlatte were often merchants or farmers, as there were strong agricultural ties with the name.

The last name Marlatte is also found frequently in Louisiana, primarily in the regions of Loranger, Slidell, Mandeville, and New Orleans. It’s thought that many bearers of the name Marlatte arrived in Louisiana in the mid-1700s from either Martinique or Haiti, especially around the time of the Haitian Revolution.

Today, individuals with Marlatte as their last name are found all around the world, from Canada, to the US, France, Haiti, and other Creole-heritage countries.

Variations of the surname Marlatte

Marlatte is a French surname that can have multiple variants including Marlatt, Marlette, Marlott, Marlattee and Marlaty. Marlatt is the most common variant of the name, derived from “Merlans,” which translates to “little sea gull.” Marlette, Marlott and Marlattee are less common variants of the name; Marlette is a French-based version of the name, while Marlott and Marlattee are more English-based variants. Finally, Marlaty is another variant, though it is not as popular as the other spellings.

Note that some variants are more popular in certain areas or countries than others. For instance, Marlatt is most common in Ireland, while Marlette is more popular in Canada. In the United States, Marlott and Marlattee are more common.

It is important to note that surnames can be spelled differently depending on the language or region. For example, while Marlatt is the most common variant of the surname in Ireland, in France it is spelled Marlène.

Sometimes, Marlatte can be found as a single-word surname, but it is more commonly hyphenated, as in Marlatte-Dupont. This is especially true in France, where the name is often written as Marlatte-Dupont.

Overall, Marlatte is a relatively common name, with many variants. It can be spelled in different ways, such as Marlatt, Marlette, Marlott, Marlattee and Marlaty, or it can be hyphenated, as in Marlatte-Dupont. It is important to note that certain variants may be more popular in certain regions or languages.

Famous people with the name Marlatte

  • Emma Marlatte: A veteran actor and current host of popular NBC game show, The Wall.
  • Marcus Marlatte: Wall Street broker and finance expert, focused on researching new opportunities in the stock market.
  • Paul Marlatte: Entrepreneur and venture capitalist, mostly focused on tech-driven companies.
  • Nicole Marlatte: CEO and founder of Boy With A Bang, an eco-friendly game and toy company.
  • Faith Marlatte: The CFO of mega food corporation, Marchella Foods.
  • Raymond Marlatte: A Chicago-based artist from the Windy City, known for his intricate still lifes and abstract portraits.
  • Franck Marlatte: Musician, producer and composer from France, who’s worked with a variety of notable hip-hop and pop artists.
  • Diego Marlatte: Emmy-winning host on ESPN's SportsCenter, who also contributes to their other sports-related shows and specials.
  • Olivia Marlatte: An Olympic skier who medaled in several events from 1998 to 2002.
  • Leo Marlatte: Actor and comedian best known for his roles on some successful sitcoms over the past decade.

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