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Surname Marlatt - Meaning and Origin

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Marlatt: What does the surname Marlatt mean?

The last name Marlatt is of German origin, most likely from the Rhineland Palatinate region. It is derived from the Germanic word ‘mara’, which means ‘a glade in a marsh or swamp’. It is also derived from the Old German word ‘marl’, which means ‘marsh’. The surname Marlatt is often found in areas where marshy, swampy, or clay-rich soils are prominent, such as in northern Germany or the Netherlands.

It is believed that the Marlatt surname originated with those who lived or worked near a marshy area. Over time, they adapted the word ‘mara’ or ‘mar’ into the surname Marlatt. This surname is presumably the result of either location-based occupational surnames created for those who live near or work with a marshy area, or it is a result of a family living in such a marsh-filled area whose members began to use the name in order to differentiate themselves from other families living in the same region.

Today, the Marlatt surname is used by a number of families across the world. Many Marlatt families are found in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. In the United States, the Marlatt surname is most prevalent in New York, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming. It may also be used as an occupational surname by individuals who work with clay or soil, or those who manage marshy or swampy regions. It is often found as a variation of the Marlett or Marlet surname.

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Marlatt: Where does the name Marlatt come from?

The last name Marlatt is most commonly found in the United States. According to the US Census Bureau in 2020, the name Marlatt was the 6,789th most popular last name in the country. It ranked the highest in deepest numbers in the state of Iowa and the least in North Carolina.

Marlatt families generally trace their roots to France and the United Kingdom. In France, the Marlatt name is found mainly in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region in the southeast, and in the United Kingdom, mainly in Devon and Cornwall. It is also a common surname among the Mennonite population throughout North America.

Today, Marlatt families can be found scattered across the countryside. In the US, there are several towns and cities that take the name Marlatt, including Marlatt, Michigan, Marlatt, Iowa, and Marlatt, Oklahoma.

Marlatt is also a fairly common name in Canada. In the 2016 census, over four hundred people of the total population of Canada reported Marlatt as their family name. Some of the areas where Marlatt families are most common include Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

In addition to these places, Marlatt families can be found around the world, in countries including the Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Puerto Rico.

Variations of the surname Marlatt

Marlatt is a relatively rare surname, although its exact origin is uncertain. Generally, the name appears to be of English origin, derived from the Middle English marl (a type of soil), likely used either as an occupational name for a worker in marl, or a habitational name for someone from a place called Marl.

Variations and spellings of the Marlatt surname include Marlatt, Marlett, Marlotte, Marlotte, Marlatte, Marletta, Marlotti, Marlotte, and Marlot. Variants may also arise due to transcription or clerical errors, such as Marlay, Merelott, Marshlatt, and Marlott.

In some instances, versions of the Marlatt surname are used as a given name. For example, Marlotte is sometimes used as a feminine variation, while Marlot is used as a masculine name.

In some parts of the world, Marlatt has also been adapted into a surname by immigrants, such as Merlot in France and Marlotti in Italy.

Marlatt remains a relatively uncommon surname and those connected to it may benefit from researching records for variations, spellings, and similar-sounding surnames.

Famous people with the name Marlatt

  • Joy Marlatt: contemporary artist, sculptor and painter
  • Abigail Marlatt: American Episcopal Church priest and social justice advocate
  • Paul Marlatt: former United States Navy Officer
  • David Marlatt: American politician
  • Peter Marlatt: Canadian professional hockey player
  • Dani Marlatt: Canadian women’s national lacrosse team member
  • Kara Marlatt: rhythmic world rhythmic gymnast
  • Sarah Marlatt: Canadian professional swimmer
  • Austin Marlatt: American race car driver
  • Victoria Marlatt Manley: American entrepreneur and fashion designer

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