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Surname Marla - Meaning and Origin

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Marla: What does the surname Marla mean?

The last name Marla is derived from the Old German name Marlah, which is derived from the Germanic word for famous. This is believed to have been used as a nickname for someone of great renown or noble stature. The name Marlah has its roots in the Germanic term for “great” or “famous.”

The earliest records of the Marla name appear in German-speaking countries, with the earliest recorded use in 1511 by a Marla von Panzer. Marla is also found in the records of Spanish nobility in the 17th century, and eventually migrated to other countries via migration and colonization.

In more recent years, Marla has been used as both a given name and a surname in the English-speaking world. It is used as a given name in countries such as Australia, England, and the United States.

The name Marla and its variations have been used to signify a strong-willed and independent woman. The name can also be interpreted to mean “renowned” or “famous”, referring to someone of great notoriety and stature. Marla could also suggest a person of great strength and courage.

Overall, the name Marla has a proud and noble history, and can be seen as a symbol of strength, independence and greatness.

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Marla: Where does the name Marla come from?

Marla is a popular name across the world, being especially common in English-speaking countries. In the United States, Marla is the 356th most popular name used for baby girls born in 2019, and it is found across the country, with the name being more popular in some states than others. For example, in Texas, Marla is the 179th most common baby girl name, while in California it is the 459th most popular.

In the United Kingdom, Marla is a uncommon name; however, it is increasing in popularity over time. Since 1996, the name has gradually become more popular in the UK, with it ranking 414th in terms of popularity in 2019.

Marla is also a common name around the world; it is particularly popular in France, where it is the 39th most popular name for girls. In Australia, Marla is the 458th most common name for baby girls, and in Canada, it is the 217th most popular. The name is also found in Russia, Brazil, and the Netherlands.

Wherever it is found, Marla is a classic, timeless name with a strong, feminine feeling. It can be shortened to Marni, Marley, or La—nicknames which will likely remain relevant for many years.

Variations of the surname Marla

The surname Marla is a variant of the popular surnames Marley, Marlowe, Mella, and Merle. It is mainly found in English speaking countries.

Marla is often spelled as Marlah, Marl, Marley, Marleah, Marleigh, Marlee, Marli, Marlie, Marliee, Marlo, Marloe, Marlow, Marlowe, and Marly.

For people of Jewish descent, Marla can also be spelled as Marlas or Merlas.

Marla is also a Spanish surname, which is often spelled Mella or Mejia.

For people of French origin, the surname Marla is often found in the form of Marele, Merle, and Merl.

The variation in spelling of the same surname is largely due to different languages, countries, and dialects. It is also dependent on the culture of the people, who first adopted the surname Marla, or any of its variants.

Famous people with the name Marla

  • Marla Maples: Marla Maples is an American actress, television personality, socialite, and model. She is best known for her high-profile marriage and subsequent divorce from businessman and 45th US President Donald Trump in the 1990s.
  • Marla Gibbs: Popular actress Marla Gibbs is known for her role as Mary Jenkins on the television sitcom 227. She also starred in The Jeffersons, and co-starred in the classic Moving.
  • Marla Sokoloff: Marla Sokoloff is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She's best known for her role as Gia Mahan in the hit sitcom Full House.
  • Marla Strauss: Marla Strauss is a Canadian actress. She is perhaps best known for her role as Beth Charette in Slings & Arrows and as Sue Brody in the Canadian series Being Erica.
  • Marla Heasley: Marla Heasley is an American actress who's best known for her roles as Tawnia Baker in the popular 1980s television series The A-Team, and as series regular Cindy Brody in the short-lived television series The Bronx Zoo.
  • Marla Pick: Marla Pick is an actress and producer well known for her roles in The Last Solid Ground and Tank Girl.
  • Marla Melnyk: Marla Melnyk is an American figure skater who competed at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. She also skated with Stars on Ice.
  • Marla Boyd: Marla Boyd is an American voice actress and singer. She is best known for her work in video games, such as Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Marla Sucharetza: Marla Sucharetza is an American actress, best known for her role as Ella in the movie Wet Hot American Summer.
  • Marla Hooch: Marla Hooch is a fictional character in the 1992 baseball movie, A League of Their Own. She was played by Megan Cavanagh.

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