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Surname McCracker - Meaning and Origin

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McCracker: What does the surname McCracker mean?

The last name McCracker is of Scottish origin and is derived from the English surname Cracknell, which itself is derived from the Old English of ‘cracco’. The name literally means ‘dweller by the crows’ nest’ originally referring to someone living near a crow’s nest often on the coastline.

The roots of the last name McCracker are thought to be in the coastal regions of Scotland. In this part of England at the time of the Anglo-Saxon rule many names derived from the local environment, in this case intended to play tribute to the abundance of crows in the area.

Throughout its history the name McCracker has taken various different spellings. In the early days of Scotland, when many of the clan chiefs would not be able to read or write many of the phonetic letters were replaced by similar sounding Gaelic letters but included the spelling of the last name McCraker.

It is possible that the name McCracker was adopted by many of the Scottish families who were icons of the 18th and 19th century and featured heavily in the history of the war and conflicts of the time, as well as those who ventured far and wide in search of opportunity and prosperity.

In modern day the name McCracker perhaps still holds within its name the inextricable link to the coast and bird life of different parts of Scotland. For many of the families whose last name is McCracker, the moniker has become a symbol of resilience, history, and the spirit of exploration.

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McCracker: Where does the name McCracker come from?

The last name McCracker is most commonly found in areas of the United States with a large Scottish and Irish heritage. Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, and North and South Carolina—all states that were original Thirteen Colonies—have the most McCrackers per capita today.

The name is a combination of the Scottish and Irish names Mc and Cracker. It is believed that many centuries ago, some of the MacRae or MacCrae family clans adopted the name McCracker as their last name.

In Scotland, the MacRae family generally comes from Wester Ross and the Outer Hebrides islands. The MacRae family has origins in the Clan Macrae that was originally located in Scotland's highlands. In Ireland, the families that use the Cracker namesake were part of the popular names of the middle ages in counties such as Leinster and Munster.

The roots behind the evolution of the name "McCracker" are unclear, but many people believe the name was born in Scotland, where the McRae family had taken on the Cracker surname. Generations later, this name has spread to Irish and American families and can be found throughout the United States today, largely among those of Scottish and Irish heritage.

Variations of the surname McCracker

The origin of the surname McCracker dates back to an ancient Gaelic clan of Mac Raith which was located in Ireland. The Mac Raiths were a sept of the powerful O'Neill Clan and held lands in Ulster and Antrim.

The variants, spellings, and alternate surnames of McCracker include Macher, MacCraker, MacRacker, Macarath, and Macarah. These are all derived from the Gaelic name Mac Raith. In some cases, the name may be spelled as McCraeke, McCraik, and Macraey, depending on the dialect. Other variations include McCrachar, McCrayke, MacCreker, MacCreeker and MacKraiker.

The surname McCracker is not as common now as it was in the past, but there are still people around the world who can trace their ancestry back to this Gaelic clan. Because of the widespread influence of the O'Neill family, there are people of many cultures and nations who have this surname, including Native American, Canadian, and Jamaican citizens.

The many variants and spellings of McCracker can make tracing the history of this surname difficult, but the legacy of the MacRaith Clan still lives on in the surname today.

Famous people with the name McCracker

  • Producer, DJ, and singer-songwriter Diplo (born Thomas Wesley Pentz)
  • American television and film actor Jeff McCracken
  • American singer-songwriter and musician Breeze McCracken
  • American rock musician Tommy McCracken
  • Guitarist of the rock band Mr. Big, Paul Gilbert
  • Professional surfer and environmental activist Jack McCracken
  • Professional boxer Sammy McCracken
  • American singer-songwriter and actor, Chauncey McCracken
  • American Actor Kirk McCracken
  • Canadian actor and musician, Camilla McCracken

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