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Surname McCracking - Meaning and Origin

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McCracking: What does the surname McCracking mean?

The surname McCracking is of Scottish origin and was first recorded in Aberdeenshire in the mid-1500s. It is derived from the personal name or surname Macraig, which was derived from the Old Gaelic Mac Raghnaill meaning ‘son of Raghnall’. The name would have been used to differentiate between the two branches of a single family. Over time, the name Macraig was anglicised into McCracking which is the name used today.

McCracking is a relatively common name in Scotland and is also found in other parts of the world such as Canada, the United States and Ireland. In Scotland, the name is concentrated in the counties of Aberdeenshire, Angus, Banff and Moray and there are many references to the name in these areas.

McCracking is a name which is steeped in Scottish history and culture and is associated with strong family ties and loyalty. It is a proud name and its bearers take pride in its history and their Scottish roots.

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McCracking: Where does the name McCracking come from?

The last name McCracking is most commonly found in areas of Scotland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. It is a Scottish surname, and is a variant of the Scottish surnames MacRae, McCree, and McCray.

McCracking is an uncommon name, and there are not many people bearing the name in the modern age. Some of the areas where they currently reside are Edinburgh, Glasgow, Falkirk, Dundee, Stirling, Inverness, and Aberdeen.

These are some of the places where traces of Scots can still be found, and with them the name McCracking. In addition, some people with this name have emigrated to the United States and Canada, as well as to some European countries.

The McCracking family has an interesting and deep history. From the Middle Ages onwards it was divided into various branches, including the MacRae’s of Handbaker, the McCrees of Auchderrie, and the McCrays of Roche.

They have all been prominent families in the history of Scotland, and some of the many branches of the McCracking family have been involved in some of the most well-known historical battles in Scotland.

Today, the prevalence of the name is decreasing, but some people still bear this last name. Some are proud of their heritage, while others have grown disillusioned with their last name or are simply unaware of their ancestry. Despite this, certain members of the family still carry on the McCracking name with pride.

Variations of the surname McCracking

The surname McCracking is derived from the ancient Irish Mac Racuáin, which is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Raghnaill. This surname was used by members of the Mac Carthaigh family, who originally hailed from county Kilkenny in Ireland. Variants of this surname include Cracking, Mac Cracain, Mac Crackein, and Mac Cracking, as well as the short-form Mac Crack. Additionally, other anglicized forms of this surname such as Magrannell, McRannell, and even Spellman can also be found.

The most common form of the surname McCracking is Cracking, with variants including Cracken, Crackain, Crackaine, Crackein, Crackeine, and Crackingen. Additionally, other spellings such as Crackin, Crackan, Crackane, Cracain, and Cracan can also be found.

Surnames of the same origin as McCracking include MagRannell, McRAnnell, Magrannane, and McGrannell. Other variants such as Spellmann, McRannall, and Rannell can also be found.

In the United States, the variant Cracking has also been found as a more common spelling, particularly in California in recent decades. Particularly in the 1940s, some individuals with the McCracking surname migrated to Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Delaware in the United States, while others remain in the native Ireland.

In conclusion, the surname McCracking has many spelling variants and surnames of the same origin, including Cracking, Mac Cracain, Mac Crackein, Mac cracking, Spellmann, Magrannell, Magrannane, McRannell, McRannall, and Rannell. It is most common in Ireland, but some variants and families of the same origin have migrated to the United States in recent decades.

Famous people with the name McCracking

  • Daniel McCracken: former American football coach at Harvard University
  • Rob McCracken: professional boxing trainer and former amateur boxer
  • Bruce McCracken: Bass player and vocalist for the Australian progressive rock band Moon
  • Rory McCracken: Scottish DJ
  • Belle McCracken: American poet and artist
  • Alexander McCracken: British actor
  • Tom McCracken: former Grade I and II American steeplechase jockey
  • Mason McCracken: Professional Motocross rider
  • Brianna McCracken: Professional snowboarder
  • Kayleigh McCracken: American singer/actress

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