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Surname McGaha - Meaning and Origin

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McGaha: What does the surname McGaha mean?

The surname McGaha is of Irish origin derived from the Gaelic "Mag Eachaidh" which translates to "Son of Eachaidh." "Eachaidh" is believed to be an old Irish personal name. As with many Gaelic names, there are several spelling variations – including McGeachie, McGeehee, McGeachy, among others. The exact meaning of "Eachaidh" is uncertain, however one interpretation suggests Eachaidh was a horseman, deriving from 'each' meaning 'horse'. Thus McGaha could mean 'son of the horseman'. Irish surnames often originated from clan names or from popular figures in Irish history. Therefore, it's likely that the surname McGaha began as a way to identify descendants of a person named Eachaidh. The name is commonly found amongst populations in Ireland, Scotland and among those with Irish and Scottish ancestry around the world.

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McGaha: Where does the name McGaha come from?

The surname McGaha is of Irish origin. It is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Eachaidh, which means 'son of Echu or Eachaidh.' The name Echu is in turn derived from the old Irish epithet ech or each, meaning 'horse.' Therefore, the surname can be interpreted as 'son of the horseman.'

The McGaha name can be found in various spelling versions due to the transliteration from Gaelic to English, including MacGaha, McGahey, and Magaha, among others. The surname first emerged in County Donegal in the province of Ulster, in the north of Ireland, where the family held a family seat as Lords and Chiefs at Tullaghobegley.

As for its modern-day distribution, the surname McGaha is quite rare but can be found mainly in the United States, especially in the Southern states. It is also present, albeit to a lesser extent, in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Variations of the surname McGaha

The surname McGaha has its roots in Irish culture and is connected with the Gaelic name MagEachaidh, which means “son of Eachaidh”. Alternative spellings or expressions of the name can include MacGaha, Magaha, Gaha, McGah, Mcgahee, and Gahagan. There is also the less common spelling of McGahee.

An anglicized version of the name could be the surname Hackett. The surname Eachaidh, in its own right, may also be treated as a variant or alternative to McGaha. The name McGaw may be another spelling variant.

Variants of the surname McGaha can sometimes be dictated by regional dialect, pronunciation, or personal preference of family members in specific locations. Therefore, the surname can present in many different forms across different geographic locations.

The surname being of Irish origin makes Scottish variants also probable due to the cultural and historical connections between the two countries.

Hence, research into the genealogy of the surname may reveal more variants and forms. Locational surnames are also a common phenomenon and can potentially yield more variations. The surname 'Gahan,' commonly found in Ireland and parts of Wales, may also be a variant of McGaha.

Famous people with the name McGaha

  • Truman McGaha: Truman McGaha was an American actor born in 1935. He had a few minor roles in films and television shows.
  • Canada Lee McGaha: Canada Lee McGaha was an American professional basketball player. He played in the NBA from 1968 to 1972.
  • Phillip McGaha: Phillip McGaha is an American country music singer and songwriter. He has released one album and several singles since beginning his career in 2009.
  • Candace McGaha: Candace McGaha is a former beauty queen and American teacher, having won the title of Miss South Carolina in 1973.
  • Raymond McGaha: Raymond McGaha is a retired American baseball player who played in the Major League Baseball from 1984-1990.
  • Johnnie McGaha: Johnnie McGaha is an American professional basketball executive. He is currently the Vice President for Player Personnel and Development for the Seattle SuperSonics.
  • Garth McGaha: Garth McGaha is an American professional wrestler who competed in the National Wrestling Alliance from 1979-1980.
  • Cynthia McGaha: Cynthia McGaha is an American writer and editor, primarily known for her work on the collection of short stories "Our Town".
  • Clive McGaha: Clive McGaha is an American football coach and former player. He is currently the head coach of the University of Kansas football team.
  • Kenneth McGaha: Kenneth McGaha is a retired American professional golfer who competed on the PGA Tour from 1964-1979.

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