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Surname McGah - Meaning and Origin

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McGah: What does the surname McGah mean?

The surname McGah is an anglicized form of the Irish surname Mac Aodha. This Gaelic surname is derived from the male personal name ‘Aodh’ which was borne by numerous historic figures in Ireland, including a High King of Connacht. This name is derived from either ‘aodh’ meaning “fire”, or ‘os’, a pagan Celtic God of the underworld.

The surname McGah has its roots in County Cork, Ireland. It originated as a patronymic name, which means "son of Aodh". Over time, the use of the name spread throughout Ireland, specifically to Ulster, Cork, and Dublin.

The name has been found throughout the world, symbolizing the vast Irish diaspora. Today, the surname is commonly found in countries such as England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, and the United States of America, as many of those who carried the original surname have emigrated over the centuries.

Overall, the surname McGah has strong roots in Irish history and originates from an ancient pagan Celtic god. It has traveled around the world over the centuries and is now widely found throughout the world, displaying the journey of the Irish diaspora.

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McGah: Where does the name McGah come from?

The McGah surname is of Irish and Scottish origin, and is often found in the English-speaking countries of the British Isles. The name is most prevalent today in Northern Ireland, where it is among the most common surnames. There, McGah is believed to have originated with a branch of the ancient Ó hÁedhgáin family in County Antrim.

Scotland is also home to many people bearing the McGah surname, with records indicating that the name stretches further back in that country's history. It is particularly common in Co. Fermanagh and County Tyrone in the south-west of the country. The McGahs have also historically been a sept of the larger McClelland clans in the region.

McGahs are also found across the ocean in North America, where there is a large population descended from immigrants who left the British Isles in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The largest concentration of McGahs in the United States is located in the Midwestern states, with pockets also found in California, Washington, and Texas, among others.

Overall, the McGah surname is most likely to be encountered in the British Isles and North America, though there are likely descendants of the McGah clan living all over the world. Their shared roots make this connectedness even more meaningful, and serve as a unique reminder of humanity's greater interconnectedness.

Variations of the surname McGah

The surname McGah is an Irish origin name which is a variant of its anglicized form 'McGaugh', derived from the Irish 'MacEachaidh', a patronymic Gaelic form of the personal name 'Eachadh', meaning 'horseman'.

This surname has many other variants; all of its forms have the common prefix 'Mc'. Common variants of the name include McGeagh, MacGeagh, McGey, MacGhie, MacGaw, Magee, McGawe, Magey and MacGea. These variants might exist in various spellings of the same phonetic name such as Magah, MacGeogh or McGee.

The surname is common in both English and Gaelic languages and may also be found in various ethnic backgrounds such as Irish, Scottish and British. In Ireland, it is found in Ulster, especially counties Donegal, Fermanagh, Galway, Mayo and Sligo.

In the United States, the McGah name is most common in the states of California, Texas, North Carolina, New York, Virginia and Florida.

The surnames MacGagh and McGaughe are alternative forms of the same origin derived from the Gaelic Mac Eachaidh.

In addition, many other related surnames that links them to the McGah name include McCah, McCaugh, McGaughy, MacGaughey, and MacGaughy.

Overall, the surname McGah has many variants, phonetic spellings, and surname origins. It is noteworthy, however, that all forms of the name are derived from the Gaelic Mac Eachaidh.

Famous people with the name McGah

  • Megan McGah, Professional Golfer
  • Richard McGah, Rodeo Champion
  • Owen McGah, Actor
  • Brady McGah, PGA Tour Golf Caddy
  • Caleb McGah, Football Player
  • Jake McGah, MMA/UFC Fighter
  • Jessica McGah, Singer
  • Dale McGah, Film Producer
  • Alfie McGah, Photographer
  • Noah McGah, Musician
  • Thomas McGah, National Geographic Explorer
  • Samantha McGah, Fitness Model
  • Mason McGah, YouTube Gamer
  • William McGah, NBA Player
  • Suki McGah, Professional Skier
  • Henry McGah, Baseball Player
  • Hayley McGah, Soccer Player
  • Colin McGah, Equestrian Rider
  • Ellen McGah, Chef
  • Kaylee McGah, Catering Manager

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