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Surname McGary - Meaning and Origin

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McGary: What does the surname McGary mean?

The surname McGary is of Irish origin and derives from the Gaelic name "Mac Fhearadhaigh." The name can be broken down into two parts: "Mac" meaning "son" and "Fhearadhaigh" means "man of valor or manly." Hence, the surname McGary essentially refers to ‘son of the brave or courageous man’. McGary families were historically found in the county Donegal in Ireland. Just like many Irish surnames, the name has various alternate spellings and phonetic interpretations, such as McGarry, MacGarry, and the like. The surname was often anglicized when Irish emigrants left Ireland in search of better opportunities or due to pressure of assimilation in their new home country.

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McGary: Where does the name McGary come from?

The surname McGary is of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic name "Mag Fhearadhaigh," where "mag" means son and "fhearadhaigh" means brave or spirited. The name is believed to have originated from the descendants of Fearadhach, a chief of the Ui Maine tribe, who lived in Connacht, Ireland, around the 10th century.

The name underwent various spelling modifications over centuries due to a multitude of regional and cultural influences. As a result, it has multiple variations such as McGarry, MacGarry, Magarry, and others.

Today, the surname McGary can be commonly found in areas that witnessed significant Irish immigration like the United States, England, and Australia. In particular, it is fairly popular in the North Eastern United States. However, the most substantial concentration of people named McGary still remains in Ireland, in counties like Donegal, Mayo, and Galway. Despite its spread through the diaspora, this surname maintains a strong connection with its Irish origins.

Variations of the surname McGary

The surname McGary is of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic name "Mac ghiolla De", which means son of God's servant. The variants and spellings of McGary can differ due to its phonetic transcription and transformation over centuries. The variations can include Magary, MacGary, McGarry, MacGarry, McGerry, MacGerry, and some rare spellings such as MacGeary, McGeary, or even MacGarey. These variations are due to regional pronunciation differences and evolving spelling practices throughout history.

Some alternate spellings may also be associated with different branches of the same family, or even altogether different families who adopted similar surnames. There are also Anglicised versions of these Irish surnames, which have been altered to fit English spelling and pronunciation conventions. For example, the surname Maguire originally Mac Uidhir in Gaelic, became McGuire in its Anglicised form.

However, please bear in mind that surnames of the same origin do not necessarily mean the families are related, as surnames were typically adopted based on trade, place of origin, or other community-based factors during their inception.

Famous people with the name McGary

  • James McGary: U.S. Democratic Party state representative in Tennessee.
  • Tim McGary: American television presenter and producer.
  • Colin McGary: former world-record holding swimmer.
  • Don McGary: former Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Russell McGary: former professional basketball player.
  • Finn McGary: American actor.
  • Michael McGary: American football player.
  • Austin McGary: American actor and producer.
  • Sam McGary: American game show host.
  • Jeremy McGary: former basketball player and NBA coach.
  • Terence McGary: former professional ice hockey player.
  • Casey McGary: American paleontologist and evolutionary biologist.
  • Dr. Robert McGary: medical expert and oceanographer.
  • Scott McGary: American musician and public figure.
  • Stephen McGary: former chief of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  • Jeffrey McGary: former head of IBM's global strategy and development.
  • Joanne McGary: co-founder of the McGary Sisters Dance Compan.
  • Peggy McGary: award-winning playwright, actress, and director.
  • Rob McGary: former National Hockey League player.
  • Matthew McGary: televangelist and founder of the Total Commitment Movement.

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