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Surname McNeese - Meaning and Origin

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McNeese: What does the surname McNeese mean?

The last name McNeese is of Irish descent and is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Naois. The surname originated from the descendants of Naois, son of Feargus, Lord of Ailech, who ruled in the 13th century in the North of Ireland.

The McNeese family are believed to be descended from the early medieval Gaelic families of Northern Ireland. The McNeese name spread from its original homeland of Ailech via Ulster, eventually becoming established in County Donegal and then branching out across the west of Scotland.

The McNeese family were highly respected and had successful careers across many fields including law, education, the military, medicine and politics. They also helped to create new industries including brewing, banking, milling, and shipbuilding.

The McNeese coat of arms consists of four quarters, representing a noble heritage. The crest is a beehive with a bee in the center of an embattled turret. The motto “Crescunt Virtute” translates to “they increase by virtue”, indicating that the family continuously strive for excellence. The McNeese family also have a tartan with the colors of blue, white, green and yellow.

The McNeese surname is an important part of Irish history and heritage. It is a reminder of a proud family lineage and of their remarkable accomplishments.

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McNeese: Where does the name McNeese come from?

The last name McNeese is most commonly found in the mid-western and southern parts of the United States. It originated with a Scottish immigrant who settled in South Carolina in the 1700s, though the exact origin is unknown.

Today, the McNeese surname is widely dispersed throughout the nation, but remains concentrated in the south. In the US, the surname is most commonly found in Texas, with the highest concentration near Houston and smaller populations in other cities such as Austin and San Antonio. Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas all have concentrations of McNeese as well.

The McNeese surname can also be found in other parts of the world, such as Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland and Australia. While the name is increasingly difficult to find in Scotland today, many McNeese families still live there.

The McNeese surname is popular in the United States and around the world. Interestingly, McNeese is also an American university: McNeese State University in Louisiana was founded as Lake Charles College in 1939 and adopted its present name in 1970. The school is particularly affiliated with the McNeese family and takes its name in honor of the founder's father, Samuel McNeese.

Today, the McNeese surname is a proud testament to the legacy of the Scottish immigrant who first bore it. Even as the name grows more diverse in its locations, McNeese remains an important part of the country's culture and genealogy.

Variations of the surname McNeese

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname McNeese include:

McNees, McNeece, McNieces, McNiece, McNee, MacNeese, McNeise, McNeys, McNies, McNys, McNees, McKnees, McKneese, McNey, McNaur, McNease, Kinder, and Ginner.

The surname McNeese originated from the Irish and Scottish surname Mac Néise. It is a variant spelling of MacAnulty, which is derived from 'Mac an Ultaigh', in turn derived from the Old Gaelic personal name, Ultach. It means 'man of Ulster' and is one of the oldest native Irish surnames. This surname was borne by an eminent clan in the area of Ayrshire and Fife in Scotland.

The MacNies and MacNeises of Scotland are likely the descendants of this ancient Irish clan. The clan was prominent in the history of Scotland. They descended from the ancient Irish Ui Neill dynasty and were respected throughout Scotland.

The McNeese family had different spellings over time. By the 17th century, the variations included McKneese, McKnease, McKnies, McNey, McNeys, McNise, McNys, and McNees. Some of these variations have been preserved in various areas of America and Scotland with descendants living today.

The present day surname McNeese is probably the Americanized version of the name. It has been spelling in various forms such as McNee, McNese, McNeece, McNeease, McKneece, and McKneese.

Famous people with the name McNeese

  • Clint McNeese: Author, professor and philosopher.
  • John McNeese: Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida.
  • Scott McNeese: American veteran film producer, actor and voice actor.
  • Mandy McNeese: Country music artist.
  • Mary McNeese: Voice actress who has worked in numerous television shows.
  • Justin McNeese: Producer and video editor who has won awards for his work on documentary films.
  • Jason McNeese: Motivational speaker and corporate trainer.
  • Christal McNeese: Artist and designer focused on print and digital mediums.
  • David McNeese: Journalist and author.
  • Ryan McNeese: Football coach and former coach for the National Football League.

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