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Surname Meekes - Meaning and Origin

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Meekes: What does the surname Meekes mean?

The surname Meekes appears to be of Dutch origin. The exact meaning of the surname is unclear as it could have been derived from the personal name Meek, which has Old Dutch and Old High German origins, meaning "mighty" or "powerful." Alternatively, it could also be possibly a patronymic surname, adding the "-s" to denote "son of Meek". The surname is quite rare and could have seen shifts or transformation in its spelling and pronunciation over different generations and migrations. It's also important to remember that meanings of surnames often change based on region, culture and history. Consequently, it might be difficult to pin down one definitive meaning for the surname "Meekes". If you're curious about the specific history or origin of your surname, it may be beneficial to use ancestry research tools or speak to a genealogist.

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Meekes: Where does the name Meekes come from?

The surname Meekes is potentially of Dutch or English origin, indicating a possible derivation from the personal name 'Meke' or 'Meek'. In Old Dutch, 'Meke' was a diminutive of names beginning with 'Meg-', such as 'Megenhard'. In the context of English, the name might spell a literal adoption of the adjective 'meek', used as a nickname for a humble or gentle person. However, due to the lack of concrete historical evidence, the exact origin of the surname remains uncertain.

In terms of geography, Meekes is not highly common today in any specific region. It can be found sporadically across the globe, with a higher concentration in western nations due to migration and historical connections. This includes countries like the United States, the UK, Australia, and Canada. There may also be pockets of people with the surname Meekes in the Netherlands if the original root is indeed Dutch. Limitations in data make it difficult to definitively conclude where the name is most prominent.

Variations of the surname Meekes

The surname Meekes most likely has British origins, specifically from the English name Meek. However, Meek itself could be a shortened version of Meecham, which is a habitational surname from areas such as Mitcham in Surrey and Mitchen in Wiltshire.

The spelling of Meekes can vary widely, since surnames can change extensively over time due to factors such as regional accents, illiteracy and immigration. Alternative spellings for Meekes could include Meeks, Meakes, Meaks, Meckes, Meecks, and Meeckes.

Variations of the surname could also extend to names that mean 'meek' or 'humble' in different languages, such as the Dutch surname De Meek, or the German surname Sanftleben, which translates to 'gentle life'.

It's also worth noting that Meekes could be a patronymic surname, in which it derives from the first name of a male ancestor. For example, the surname Meekes could have come from the first name Meeke or Meke. Therefore, surnames such as Mikson, Miksons, and Meekson could potentially be of the same origin.

Famous people with the name Meekes

  • Kenneth Meekes: Accomplished Canadian lawyer and retired chief justice of the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court
  • Kevin Meekes: Professional hockey player from Canada who is currently under contract with the Los Angeles Kings
  • Dixie Meekes: Broadway actress and founding member of the American Musical Theater project
  • Chris Meekes: American NFL tight end who is currently a free agent
  • Laura Meekes: Actress, singer and vocal coach originally from the Netherlands
  • Rita Meekes: Businesswoman from the United Kingdom, known as the CEO of GRAPES Corporation
  • Donny Meekes: Award-winning Canadian film director best known for his movie “Beating the Odds”
  • Chika Meekes: British R&B singer best known for her hit single “Let’s Go Crazy”
  • Peter Meekes: Dutch painter and sculptor
  • Bill Meekes: American country music recording artist signed to Epic Records

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