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Surname Meerkamp - Meaning and Origin

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Meerkamp: What does the surname Meerkamp mean?

The Dutch surname Meerkamp is derived from a combination of two parts—the prefix “meer” which means lake, and “kamp," which means field. This translates to “lake field” or “lake front” and refers to an area of land located near a lake. People bearing this surname likely resided near or owned land by a lake or pond.

The surname Meerkamp has a long history in the Netherlands, most likely originating in the Dutch provinces of Utrecht and North Holland in the 16th century. It is suggested that the first person to bear the name was Jakob Meercamp of Benschop in 1614.

Meerkamp is also the name of a Dutch businessman, Pieter Jorisz Meerkamp, who established a trading company in 1777. This company specialized in trading coffee, tea, spices, and sugar from the Dutch East Indies and later became one of the most successful Dutch trading companies.

Today, the name Meerkamp is found all over the world, particularly throughout Europe, America, Australia, and New Zealand. It is believed that many of those who bear this surname descended from Dutch immigrants who settled in these areas during the 19th century.

No matter where they reside today, people with the surname Meerkamp still carry the name of a long-standing Dutch family with a rich heritage.

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Meerkamp: Where does the name Meerkamp come from?

The last name Meerkamp is most commonly found in the Netherlands, particularly in the province of Limburg. The name is believed to have originated in Germany, eventually making its way to the Netherlands. This is a relatively uncommon name, so it is not typically found in large numbers in other regions of the world.

In the Netherlands, Meerkamp is most prevalent in Utrecht and the southern provinces of Limburg and Zeeland. It is also not uncommon to find the name in the north of the country, particularly in Gelderland. It is estimated that around 4,000 people in the Netherlands have the Meerkamp surname.

In the near future, however, more people with the last name Meerkamp may be seen in countries around the world. The Netherlands is a popular destination for expats and immigrants, so many people from the country are beginning to spread out across the globe. This could result in a sharp increase in the presence of this uncommon surname.

Overall, the last name Meerkamp is most widely seen in the Netherlands, particularly in the provinces of Utrecht, Limburg, Zeeland, and Gelderland. As the Dutch population continues to move overseas, however, it is likely that more Meerkamps will begin to appear around the world.

Variations of the surname Meerkamp

The surname Meerkamp is of Dutch origin and is derived from the old Germanic word “marc” meaning "horse" and “kamp” meaning “field”. It was first found in the Dutch province of North Holland, and has since spread to other parts of the world such as the United States, Australia, South Africa and Canada.

The Meerkamp surname has various spelling variations, including: MeerKamp, MeerKempen, Merkomp, MerKomper, Merekamp, Merkamp, MerKempen, MerKomper, Markamp, MarkKomp, MarkKemper, MarKamp, MarKamper, Markemp and Markomper.

Variants of the Meerkamp surname include: Merkam, MerKemps, Meerdink, MeerVinck, Merekens, Merkens, MereVinck, Meerdouw, Merdouw, MerDouw, MerKoppen, MerKopp and Merkomps.

Surnames that are related to Meerkamp include: Meerhof, Meerstraat, Meerwijk, Meerbloem, Meerwisse, Meeren, Meersman, Mering, Meurkens, Meerlo, Meerloon, Meers, Meerland, Meertens, Meerhofen, Meerdink, Meerdijk, Meerdevan, and Meyer.

Overall, the Meerkamp surname is found in various countries, and due to its Dutch origin, its variants are quite numerous and widespread. Spelling variations and related surnames are also wide in range and can often change depending on the region that they are found in.

Famous people with the name Meerkamp

  • Freerk Meerkamp-van der Brink, Dutch politician for the Christian Democratic Appeal.
  • Mike Meerkamp, actor who is best known for playing the role of Brandon Hatfield in the 2002 movie 'Swimfan'
  • Joost Meerkamp, multi-disciplinary designer and creative director from the Netherlands.
  • Tygo Meerkamp, a Dutch Dutch YouTube vblogger who makes videos about his gaming experiences.
  • Youri Meerkamp, an Amsterdam based DJ and music producer, who has released multiple singles and remixes.
  • Jeroen Meerkamp, Dutch footballer who plays as a midfielder for Achilles '29.
  • Sebastiaan Meerkamp, Dutch actor best known for his role as Rudy Smit in the popular Dutch TV series 'De klas van Allen' (The Class of Everybody).
  • Alex Meerkamp, Dutch actor best known for his role as Ricky van Oosten, in the popular Dutch TV show 'Gewoon Samen' (Just Together).
  • Maddy Meerkamp, Dutch radio presenter best known for her show 'Maddy's Matchbox' which she hosted on Radio 538.
  • Jannes Meerkamp, Dutch saxophonist and composer who has released multiple albums and soundtracks, and is best known for making classical music.

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