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Surname Meile - Meaning and Origin

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T. Meile

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Meile: What does the surname Meile mean?

Meile is a German surname. The original meaning of the name is 'mile,' but not in the sense of distance. In German, 'Meile' was traditionally used to indicate boundaries of territories or regions, often referring to a strip of land. The exact origin of the name is not specific, with surnames in Germany typically deriving from the name of an ancestor, occupation, location, or descriptive characteristic. Therefore, it is possible that this name was given to someone who lived near or worked on such a boundary, or perhaps someone who traveled regularly across these boundaries. Remember that surnames’ meanings can be specific to each family line, however, and can also evolve over time. Today, people with the last name Meile can be found in Europe, North America, and elsewhere around the world.

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Meile: Where does the name Meile come from?

The surname Meile is of German origin. It is a patronymic surname which means it derives from the first name of a father. In the case of Meile, it is derived from the medieval Germanic personal name 'Amal', which was composed of two elements: ‘amal’ meaning 'work', and 'hari' or 'heri' meaning 'warrior'. Thus the original name bearer would have been a hard-working warrior.

Today, the surname is not very common but it can be found in various parts of the world due to instances of migration. However, it still retains a higher frequency in its country of origin, Germany. It may also be found in countries like Switzerland and the United States, in the areas which have seen substantial German immigration in the past.

Variations of the surname Meile

The surname Meile might have a range of variants depending on the regional pronunciations, spellings, and historical changes. Some of these variants might include Miele, Miehl, Meel, Meil, Mile, Myel, Moile, while other less common variants could be Meyeile, Meele, Meelle, Maiel, or Maile.

It's important to note that surnames can also be affected by migration and can thus take on slightly different forms in different countries due to language adaptations. For instance, in non-Germanic countries, the surname may be recorded as Meili, Meyli, or Meylie.

This surname could also originate from different sources - it could be a habitation name derived from places named Meile, a patronymic name meaning "son of Meile", or an occupational name for a miller (as "Mühle" in German means "mill").

As for related surnames, it might be connected to those that share a similar occupational or geographical root like Miller, Muller (which means miller), or names derived from locations such as Meilen (a municipality in Switzerland).

Please note that tracing back surnames accurately often requires professional genealogy research and this list might not cover all the possible variants or origins.

Famous people with the name Meile

  • Jaime Meilen- Screenwriter, Director, and Producer
  • Jochen Meile- Mechanical Engineer
  • Hans Ulrich Meile- Swiss Olympic athlete
  • Roman Meile- Molecular Biologist & Geneticist
  • Heini Meile- German Actor
  • Alex Meile- American Musician
  • Carlos Meile- Argentinian Singer and Composer
  • Friedrich Meile- Swiss/American 34th Governor of South Dakota
  • Thomas Meile- Composer and Pianist
  • Kaspar Meile- Swiss Photographer and Artist

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