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An Emotional Journey Through My Ancestors’ History with iGENEA DNA test

Family name Mendes

Embark on an honest and emotional recount of my experience with iGENEA's DNA test, touching on the nerves, anticipation, and pride felt at different stages. Explore the newfound respect for my surname, Mendes, and how it reshaped my view of my family's history.

The journey with iGENEA has been nothing short of a life-changing rollercoaster ride, rife with waves of emotion and striking revelations. The moment I received the DNA test kit from iGENEA, I felt a sense of excitement and anxiety swirling within my gut. There was a thrill at the possibility of unearthing fresh information about my genealogy intermingled with the unease of potentially confronting unsettling secrets about my lineage.

The process was precise and meticulous. I had to summon great doses of patience as I navigated through the detailed instructions and followed them to the letter. The waiting period after sending back my samples was one marked by anticipation, curiosity and a touch of apprehension. When I finally received the analysis results, I felt a mixture of nerves and exhilaration. The revelations about my ancestral lineage were both personally impactful and historically fascinating.

The most riveting revelation was the deep roots of my surname, Mendes. I discovered that "Mendes" can trace its origin to the ancient Jewish community of Spain. Learning about the persecutions my ancestors went through, as well as their resistance and resilience, stirred up powerful emotions of awe, respect, and an overwhelming sense of pride. This insight imparted a new depth to my surname, Mendes, making it a beacon of heritage, perseverance, and unfailing strength.

Understandably, this discovery prompted me to harbour a novel view of my family and our past. It helped me understand the hurdles my ancestors must have overcome, the traditions they upheld and the reasons we may have certain behaviors or preferences. I gained a heightened respect for my elders and felt an increased responsibility to continue the proud legacy of the Mendes.

In essence, the iGENEA DNA test led me on an emotional trek through time. It made me feel connected to my ancestors in a profound way and endued my relationships with my family members with greater meaning and sentiment. It injected a fresh sense of wonder and reverence in my view of my surname. In a world where identity sometimes feels fluid, this experience moored me to a rich and inspiring heritage, making the Mendes name a proud emblem of my identity.

G. Mendes

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