Are you Jewish?

Do you have Jewish roots? Are you an Ashkenazi? Are you a Levi or a Cohen?

A DNA test by iGENEA provides you with clear evidence of whether you have Jewish roots. Based on your specific genetic characteristics, we can identify whether you are of Jewish descent, which line the Jewish descent is from (paternal, maternal or both lines) and even to what percentage you are Jewish. In addition, your profile is compared with more than 700,000 people in our database. If we find a genetic match, i.e., people with whom you correspond genetically, you may contact these people and intensify your family research.

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Is Judaism more than a religion? Is there a jewish Gene?

Ethnic groups who marry among themselves for generations are genetically "linked". It is scientifically undisputed that there are genetic patterns that occur frequently in Jews. Jews have developed over the centuries a certain degree of genetic homogeneity that becomes visible in a DNA-test.

The Jewish People, however, is not entirely genetically seperable. So no test can give you an unambiguous proof. Nevertheless a genealogical DNA test can confirm a Jewish origin.

Even if you don't belong to one of the typical Jewish haplogroups, you could still have Jewish roots. By comparing your DNA-Profile with all other profiles in our databank (over 700.000), you will find persons whose profiles are genetically similar to yours ("genetic cousins"). If many of your genetic cousins are Jews, then there is a high probability that you have Jewish roots, too.

Terms on the subject of 'Jewish descent'

Cohen Modal Haplotype
There is a certain DNA-Profile called the "Cohen Modal-Haplotyp", because it appears repeatedly among the Jewish sub-group called the Cohanim. This haplotype is a clear indicator of Jewish ancestry.

Ashkenazi is the self-designation of Western and Eastern Jews who are united by a common religious tradition and culture.

Sephardi Jews is the name adopted by the descendants of Jews who for the most part settled in the Ottoman Empire and northwest Africa (Maghreb) after their expulsion from the Iberian Peninsula (in around 1500 AD).

The Levi, named for their tribal father, are one of the twelve tribes of Israel, who descend from the sons of Jacob.

Cohen is the biblical name of the priesthood in Judaism.

Haplogroups represent the various branches of the human race and show the roots and movement of our ancestors.

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Clarification of other ancient tribes by iGENEA

By Ancient tribes, we refer to peoples from ancient times who are defined not only by their own language, culture and history, but also by their own DNA profile. An origins analysis by iGENEA determines your Ancient tribe by means of your haplogroup and genetic profile. The result refers roughly to the period between 900 BC and 900 AD.

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In addition to a certificate containing an origins analysis, genetic profile and personal interpretation, you also receive permanent and unlimited access to the largest DNA genealogy database in the world, which enables you to find genetic cousins.
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