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Surname Merrie - Meaning and Origin

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Merrie: What does the surname Merrie mean?

Merrie is a surname that has been used in various parts of the world, including England, Scandinavia, Germany, and the United States. Its roots can be traced back to the ancient Germanic languages, specifically Old English and Old Norse. The name means “happy, cheerful, merry” in those languages, and is likely derived from the element “marr”, which itself is related to the Latin word “mare” meaning “sea”.

The earliest known bearer of the surname was an Englishman named Willelmus Merrie recorded in the Historical Records of York in 1219. In the 17th century, records indicate that there were many Merrie families living throughout England and Scotland. Around that same time, a large number of Merries emigrated to the United States, settling mainly in the states along the Eastern Seaboard, such as Pennsylvania and New York.

Today, Merrie is a relatively uncommon surname in the United States, ranking just over 28,000th most common in 2020. In England, Scotland, and Wales, the name is much more common and ranks in the top 900 most common surnames in those countries.

Overall, the name Merrie is associated with an optimistic state of mind, and those who have the last name often seem to carry that characteristic with them. It also suggests an adventurous spirit, likely from the element related to the “sea”. The history and legacy of the Merrie family is one of hope and happiness.

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Merrie: Where does the name Merrie come from?

The last name Merrie is of British origin and is currently most commonly found in England, Scotland, and Ireland. The surname was brought to England in the 12th century by French and Norman settlers during the Norman conquest. Since then, it has been recorded in various spellings, including Merrifield, Marryolff, Merrybiff, and Merrie.

The Merrie surname has cropped up in several notable people throughout history, including John Merrie, a musician from Whitehaven who lived in the 17th century and was described as "the first musician of any eminence in Cumberland".

More recently, it has been connected to the musician and songwriter Les Merrie, who added a "direct and hopeful message of love and understanding to the British music industry”. Today, you may also find the surname in the football industry in the form of Michael Merrie, a striker for Newcastle United.

In terms of where Merrie is commonly found today, the surname is encountered across Europe, including in Germany, Sweden, and Austria. Meanwhile, Merrie has an especially strong presence in the US, where the 2000 census counted as many as 8,134 people with this name. Texas, Ohio, California, and New York are the US states with the largest Merrie populations.

Variations of the surname Merrie

The surname Merrie is of English origin and has variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Variants include Marrie, Merrey, Meurray, Mery, Merye, Morrie and Merie.

The variant Marrie is a variation of the name which was derived from elements of the Old French name "Marin" or "Marien." This was an occupational name referring to a seaman or dockworker. Another variant, Merrey, is derived from the Old French name “Marin,” which is believed to be a Middle English variant of the popular surname "Murray”. The variant Mery is thought to derive from the Old German word “marah,” which is an occupational name referring to a fisherman. The variant Merye is derived from the Old French term “marier”, which means “to wed” or “to marry” and was commonly used as a given name in Old French times.

The surname Meurray is also derived from the Old French word “marier” and has evolved over time to become a variation of “Murray”. Morrie is a Dutch and Jewish occupational name which is derived from the Old Dutch word “mora” meaning “mulberry” and was used to denote a person who grew mulberries or was a barman. Finally, Merie is an English surname derived from the Old French word “mer” meaning “sea” or “ocean” and was most likely an occupational name for a seaman or sailor.

In conclusion, the surname Merrie is of English origin and has numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Some of the variants include Marrie, Merrey, Meurray, Mery, Merye, Morrie, and Merie. All of these variants are associated with occupational names and carry their own unique meanings.

Famous people with the name Merrie

  • Chris Merrie: English Film and Television Actress.
  • John Merrie: Australian Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.
  • Mara Merrie: British Royal Air Force Medical Nurse.
  • Sir Alfred Merrie: British Politician.
  • Albert Merrie: English Professional Footballer.
  • Frank Merrie: American Professional Basketball Player.
  • Jean Merrie: Canadian Actor, Singer, and Songwriter.
  • Kenneth Merrie: American Civil War Medal of Honor Recipient and Buffalo Soldier.
  • Margaret Merrie: English Musician and Composer.
  • Edward Merrie: Canadian Politician and Businessman.
  • Alex Merrie: British Soccer Player and Manager.
  • Malcolm Merrie: American Radio Host and Producer.
  • Christiane Merrie: French Author and Leade in Women's Rights and Equality Issues.
  • Thomas Merrie: New Zealand-born Rugby League Player.
  • John Merrie: Founder and CEO of Chicago Bulls Team.
  • Jo Merrie: English Political Activist.
  • David Merrie: Canadian Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist.
  • Aiden Merrie: American Professional Skateboarder.
  • Sherrie Merrie: Australian Professional Soccer Player.
  • Stephen Merrie: British Professor of Economics.

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