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Surname Merriel - Meaning and Origin

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Merriel: What does the surname Merriel mean?

The surname Merriel is believed to be of French origin and is derived from the Latin name Mauritius, which means "dark-skinned". It first appeared in recorded history in the 10th century and is found in various places throughout Europe.

The Merriel name likely arose as a nickname for someone with dark complexion, or for someone who hailed from a place with a dark complexion. It is an incredibly rare name; records of people with the Merriel surname are primarily found in France but can occasionally be found elsewhere, such as in England.

The Merriel surname has changed slightly over the centuries. During the Middle Ages it was spelled Mauricel and Mauperatel, while in the 16th century it was shortened to Marel or Meriel. The modern spelling of the surname is Merriel, which is what it remains today.

Based on records, it is likely that the Merriel family originated in France. In the 15th century they spread across France and into England. Today, this surname is still quite uncommon, with few records of people with the Merriel surname. With that said, it is still possible to find family members who share the same surname.

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Merriel: Where does the name Merriel come from?

The last name Merriel is thought to be of French origins, although the exact meaning is unclear. It is a fairly uncommon name throughout the world today, though it is most common in France. Some people with the last name Merriel have traced their lineage to the Cote d'Azur region in the south of France, where a large number of French people with the name can be found. Records also show a number of Merriel families settled in England in the mid-1700s. In the USA, the last name is less common but can still be found in some parts of the midwest, particularly in Ohio and Illinois. Merriel is also present throughout Spain, Latin America and among the French speaking populations of Canada, Belgium and Switzerland. Other records reveal members of Merriel family residing in Australia and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Merriel

The surname Merriel, commonly found in France, has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The name itself is derived from a combination of two medieval names, Merril and Leal.

The variants of Merriel include Merril, Merille, Merrille, Merula, Merulla, Merler, Merrell, and Merrello. Merriel is also a variant of the surname Merrell, which is derived from the Old French name Merol, meaning 'famed greyhound'.

The surnames of similar origin include Leale, Meril, Merill, Merrel, Merrells, Merrille, Merrilots, Meryl, Merul, Meruls, Merulle, Miralles, Miriel, Merli, Merrilou, Miral, Mirall, Merrille, Merlio and Merlow.

The spellings of Merriel can also vary from region to region. In some areas it can be spelled as Marriel, Marrielle, Marril, Marrille, Marryel, Marryl, Marryle, Marceau, or Marsal.

In addition, other variants of the surname Merriel include Marriell, Marell, Marill, Moryl, Morrel, and Muriel. These surnames are all derived from the same origin and have similar meanings.

Despite its many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin, the name Merriel is a unique surname rooted in French culture and heritage.

Famous people with the name Merriel

  • George Merriel III: American multi-millionaire entrepreneur
  • Riley Merriel: YouTube vlogger
  • Paul Merriel: Real Estate Developer
  • Sarah Merriel: British actress
  • Benjamin Merriel: Technology Investor
  • Anastasia Merriel: Fashion Model
  • John Merriel: American Football Coach
  • Jordan Merriel: Greek Singer and Songwriter
  • Mary Merriel: Olympic Medalist
  • Donald Merriel: Jazz Musician
  • Anne Merriel: TV Personality
  • Nancy Merriel: Award-Winning Author
  • Justin Merriel: Chef and Restaurateur
  • Chris Merriel: Contemporary Artist
  • Steven Merriel: Automobile Designer
  • Janet Merriel: Poet Laureate
  • Ryan Merriel: Video Game Designer
  • William Merriel: Wildlife Photographer
  • Abigail Merriel: Ballet Dancer
  • Alexander Merriel: Award-Winning Playwright

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