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Surname Micheln - Meaning and Origin

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Micheln: What does the surname Micheln mean?

The last name Micheln is of German origin and is derived from the given name Michel. The name Michel is derived from the Hebrew name Michael, which means "who is like God?". Micheln is a variant spelling of the original last name, which was likely changed for various reasons: possibly because of immigration or to make the name easier to pronounce.

The root behind the name Micheln is contained in Hebrew Scripture. The Bible is full of accounts of Michael the archangel being the companion of God's people, fighting off evil powers and protecting them. He was seen as a champion of God and was very powerful and wise.

Due to the religious connotations associated with the name Micheln, it has been passed down as a surname for generations. Those who carry this name still uphold the same values of courage and loyalty to God's people that Michael the archangel held. Micheln is an example of a name that contains a great deal of history and meaning associated with it.

Overall, the last name Micheln is a strong and powerful name that symbolizes courage, loyalty, and faith. Those who bear this name are said to have a strong connection and devotion to God and are continuously aiding those around them just as Michael the archangel did. The Micheln name is a reminder of the greatness and strength of God, and those who carry it should strive to continue to live in that same way.

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Micheln: Where does the name Micheln come from?

The last name Micheln is most commonly found in Germany today. According to the German Federal Bureau of Statistics, the Micheln surname ranked 722nd for most common surnames in the country in 2019. This ranking places it amongst the top 1% of surnames in Germany.

Aside from Germany, the last name Micheln is also prominent in other parts of Europe, such as Poland, where the name is also quite common. However, Germany is the country where it is most poplar today.

In the United States, the last name Micheln is gaining greater prominence but still remains quite rare. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 254 people in the entire United States were listed as having the Micheln surname. This is a tiny fraction compared to Germany, where over 5200 people were reported to be using the name in 2019.

The Micheln last name could have been brought to Germany and other parts of Europe from different regions. According to the archives of the House of Names, the earliest record of the name is found in the city of Passau, located in Bavaria, Germany, and dates back to the 1500s. This suggests that the surname may have originally come from Germany, and was brought to the United States and other parts of Europe in more recent times.

Variations of the surname Micheln

The spelling and variants of the surname Micheln vary depending on the countries and regions in which it exists. Generally, the surname is spelled Micheln, although alternate spellings and derivatives include Michelon, Mueller, Miller, Mylly, Michlmeier and Michaelis.

In Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the surname is written as "Müller". This spelling is also used in some regions of the United States. In France, the surname is written as "Michelin" or "Michelinne". While in Italy, the surname is written as "Miglioni". In the United Kingdom, the surname is written as either Micheln or Milne.

In the United States, the surname also has various derivatives, the most common being Miller, Moyer, Myers, Meehler and Moeller. The Polish variant is "Milewski" and in Hungary, the corresponding derivative is "Molnar". In Russia, the surname is written as "Mikhalev" or "Mykhaylov".

The surname Micheln is found in various other countries as well, however, the spelling may differ slightly depending on the region and language of the respective country. Ultimately, the different spellings of the surname originated from the same German root name, which originated from the German word “müller” meaning “a miller”.

Famous people with the name Micheln

  • Jessica Micheln: Norwegian YouTube vlogger
  • Richard Michell: English stage, film, and television actor
  • Franz Micheln: German composer
  • Jean-Michel Jarre: French composer, performer and record producer
  • Mike Micheln: American Opera singer and general director
  • David Micheln: British psychological scientist
  • Matthias Micheln: German violinist
  • Yvette Micheln: French composer and pedagogue
  • Frédéric Micheln: French priest
  • Giuliano Micheln: Italian school principal and politician
  • Xóchitl Micheln: Spanish actress
  • Johannes Micheln: German entrepreneur
  • Hans Micheln: German lawyer and politician
  • Vilhelm Micheln: Swedish civil servant and shipowner
  • Philip Micheln: Norwegian artist
  • Sofia Micheln: Chilean inventor
  • William Micheln: American professional musician
  • Alfredo Micheln: Peruvian horse breeder
  • Joanna Micheln: American musician and independent record label owner
  • Franz-Josef Micheln: German musicologist and composer

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