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Surname Millingron - Meaning and Origin

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Millingron: What does the surname Millingron mean?

The surname Millington is of English origin and is derived from name of various places in the U.K. The first element, "mill(e)", means "a mill" and originated from the Middle English term referring to a grinding mechanism. The second part, “-ington” is a suffix used to denote settlement or town in old English. So, by combining the two terms, Millington can be taken to mean “settlement with a mill.”

There are towns named Millington in Cheshire and East Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the surname Millington could potentially refer to individuals hailing from these areas. Like many surnames, it has been used to identify families and has been passed down through generations over centuries. As such, it is now found around the world in various forms and spellings due to migration and lineage. It's important to note that surname meanings can also vary based on regional dialects and historical contexts.

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Millingron: Where does the name Millingron come from?

The last name Millingron does not seem to exist in records. It might be a misspelling or variation of other surnames like Millington or Milligan. Millington is of English origins, derived from a place name in Cheshire. Places like Millington are named from the Old English words ‘mylen’ (mill) and ‘tun’ (farm, settlement), suggesting a settlement with a mill. The surname is most common in England and the United States.

Milligan, on the other hand, is of Irish origin. It is derived from the Gaelic 'O'Maolagain', which means 'the descendant of the bald one', a reference to a monk or religious devotee. The name is relatively popular in Northern Ireland and Scotland, as well as the United States and Canada.

It is advisable to verify the correct spelling of the surname and trace its origin from reliable genealogical sources.

Variations of the surname Millingron

The surname Millingron doesn't seem to be a common or recognized surname and it could possibly be a misspelling of similar surnames. Some variants may include Millington, Milling, Milington, or Millinger.

The etymology of these surnames trace back to England. "Millington" is a habitational name from places in Cheshire and East Yorkshire, so named from the Old English personal name 'Mylene' + "tun" which means settlement. The surname has multiple spelling variations due to the modifications that have occurred over time, often rooted in an individual's choice of spelling, translation, or transcription errors.

"Milling", on the other hand, might be derived from the medieval English occupation of a 'miller'. "Milington" could be a less common variant or misspelling of "Millington".

In the case of "Millinger", it could be an occupational name for a miller, derived from the Middle High German 'mülnære'.

It should be noted that determining accurate variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin requires specific and detailed genealogical research. The surnames given here are speculative based on phonetic similarities with "Millingron".

Famous people with the name Millingron

  • Kelly Millington: Canadian rallycross driver
  • Arkells: Canadian rock band formed by Max Kerman and Mike DeAngelis, with Nick Dika and Tim Oxford on bass and drums and Anthony Carone on keyboards
  • Bessie Millington: (1886–1974), American educator and suffragist
  • George Millington (1799–1878), English engineer and innovator
  • Tom Millington: Canadian astronaut and retired Canadian Forces colonel
  • Aaron Millington: Australian rules footballer
  • Karen Millington: Canadian-American Judo Olympic athlete
  • Norman Millington OBE: British conservationist
  • Bob Millington: American college baseball coach
  • Richard Millington: British professional musician

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