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Surname Millington - Meaning and Origin

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L. Millington

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Millington: What does the surname Millington mean?

The surname Millington is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from a place name, specifically the town of Millington in Cheshire, England. This town was documented in the Domesday Book, a record of English landowners compiled in 1086, as "Mellitone". The name breaks down into two Old English elements: “mylen" or "mȳlen" (meaning "mill") and "tūn", which refers to a farm or settlement. Hence, the name essentially translates to "farm by the mill" or "settlement with the mill". It is a classic habitation name, given to people who lived in or near this town. Variations of the name include Mollington and Melington. People with the last name Millington might trace their ancestry back to this area of Cheshire. It is worth noting that the interpretation of its meaning can vary slightly depending on different linguistic considerations.

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Millington: Where does the name Millington come from?

The surname Millington is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from a place-name. It is most likely associated with Millington in Cheshire or Millington in Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. Both locations trace their name back to the Old English term "mylen-tun" which translates to "farmstead with a mill." Like many surnames, Millington was initially used to identify individuals based on their place of origin.

Today, the surname Millington is still most common in England, especially in areas around Cheshire and Yorkshire. While it is not an overly common name, it has spread to other English-speaking countries through emigration, including Australia, the United States, and Canada. These places have seen an increase in the distribution of the surname, but it remains most common in its place of origin, England.

Variations of the surname Millington

The surname Millington has several variants and spellings including Milliton, Milliton, Melington, Milingtun, Myllington, and Mylington. Due to regional pronunciations and transcription errors, different spellings can emerge for the same surname.

The surname Millington originates from England, specifically from a place called Millington in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Surnames at this time were typically derived from the name of the place where the person lived. So, it is likely that these different spellings of the surname Millington represent different regions where people from the original Millington moved to or were documented in.

In terms of surnames of the same origin, these could include other English surnames that are derived from place names, such as Burton (from various places named Burton), Merton (from places named Merton), or Houghton (from places named Houghton). As these names also originate from the names of places in England, they share the same type of origin as the surname Millington. However, they wouldn't necessarily be considered variants or alternate spellings of Millington, as they represent different original locations.

Famous people with the name Millington

  • Dannii Millington: Australian singer, songwriter and actress.
  • Tig Millington: Australian author, poet and creative director of The Dish magazine.
  • Rick Millington: Canadian bass guitarist, record producer, and composer.
  • Leon Millington: English actor, best known for playing King Edward VIII in the Netflix series The Crown.
  • Jaimi Millington: English professional wrestler and television presenter.
  • Joshua Millington: English professional cyclist and Olympic athlete.
  • Simone Millington: American sculptor and public artist.
  • Laura Millington: Australian fashion designer.
  • Dayton Millington: American voice actor and impressionist. 10.Lawrence Millington: British politician and Member of Parliament. 11.Stevie Millington: British television presenter and radio host. 12.John Millington: English author, screenwriter, and playwright. 13.Jesse Millington: Canadian tattoo artist and reality television personality. 14.Rachel Millington: Australian actress and television host. 15.Ann Millington: British explorer and author.

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