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Surname Minasch - Meaning and Origin

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Minasch: What does the surname Minasch mean?

The last name Minasch is of German origin and is a variant of Minasche and Minaschewitz, an occupational name for a tradesman or merchant. It comes from the German word ‘minasche’, which means ‘merchant’ or ‘trader’.

Traders in medieval Europe had to be knowledgeable in a variety of crafts and trades in order to make a decent living. This would have meant having some knowledge of finances, bartering, carpentry, masonry, and so on. Minasch was likely someone who was well-versed in many fields, and sought to use his knowledge to better his community and make a living.

In the modern day, the last name could imply a person is inquisitive and knowledgeable in a variety of topics. In other words, someone with the last name Minasch is likely to be a bit of an explorer, curious to learn more about a variety of subjects and topics.

Thus, Minasch is an occupational last name that derives from the German word for ‘merchant’ or ‘trader’. It implies an inclination towards exploring knowledge and working in a variety of trades or crafts in order to make a living.

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Minasch: Where does the name Minasch come from?

The last name Minasch is most commonly found in Germany today. This name is typically associated with a Germanic lineage and is among the oldest of German surnames. Minasch is derived from the German word “meines” which means “my” and the suffix “sch”, which, when added to the end of a word, indicates possession. As such, the name essentially means “my mine”.

Minasch is a rare surname and has been found in records as early as the 1500s in Germany. Since then, it has been found throughout the German-speaking world, including countries like Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Although the vast majority of individuals with the last name Minasch now reside in Germany, it is unlikely that this surname originated there. Over the centuries, individuals with this last name have moved around the world, and people with the Minasch surname can now also be found in places like the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

Another place where this last name is especially common is Israel, where many people with the Minasch last name migrated in search of a better life. Records show that they settled primarily in the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Variations of the surname Minasch

The surname Minasch can have many different spellings, variants, and surnames of the same origin. These can include:

Mineau, Mina, Minassian, Minas, Minase, Minashe, Mínaš, Mineo, Mineón, Minaschoff, Minaskow, Minasoff, Minaschow, Minách, Minák, Mináč, Mines, Menáš, Mineş, Minœux, Minash, Minashvili, Mynasch, and Minashevsky.

Each of these surnames is either a variant spelling or stable name that has developed from the original form of Minasch. Mineau is typically the French version of the surname. Mina is the Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese variant. Minassian is an Armenian variant and Minas can be either the German or Spanish form. Minase is the Japanese form. Minash and Minashvili are versions that can be found in Russian and Georgian countries, respectively. Minaskow is another Russian surname, as well as Minasoff, Minaschow, Minách, and Minák. Mináč is from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, while Mines is a variant used in Hungary and it is also found in some regions of Romania. Menáš is the Slovak version. Mineş is a Romanian variant, as is Minœux. Mynasch is a German spelling, and Minashevsky is a Jewish surname.

Overall, Minasch is a surname with strong European origins and many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

Famous people with the name Minasch

  • Jean-Marc Minasch, French actor
  • Katia Minasch, Brazilian model and fashion designer
  • André Minasch, French chef and restaurateur
  • Tim Minasch, American composer and musician
  • Liliana Minasch, Mexican singer and dancer
  • Michael Minasch, German Paralympic athlete
  • Jakub Minasch, Slovakian professional ice hockey player
  • Oleksiy Minasch, Ukrainian animator and cartoonist
  • Roland Minasch, Belgian comic book artist
  • Bettina Minasch, Austrian actress, specialist nurse, and philanthropist

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