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Surname Minas - Meaning and Origin

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Minas: What does the surname Minas mean?

The last name Minas is derived from the Latin word "minare" which essentially means to warn, remind, or admonish. It is believed by some that the original bearer of the surname likely served in some public authority where his position was to warn or remind others of their duties, such as a government official or herald.

Minas is a common surname found in many countries, including those with Latin, French, Italian and Greek backgrounds. It is most common in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, where it is likely derived from the Latin root.

The first recorded use of the name Minas was by a Castilian nobleman, Pedro de Minas, in 1177-1210, near the city of Coria, in the modern-day Extremadura province of Spain.

In France, the first recorded mention of the surname Minas was in the mid-17th century, where one member of the family was Baron de Minas.

In the United States, the family surname was first documented in the late-17th century, when a French Huguenot settler named Jean Minas arrived in New Netherland, present-day New York, in 1685. His descendants would become prominent members of the US society, including Duane Minas, who fought in the American Revolutionary War.

The surname Minas is still common in the world today, and can potentially be used to trace the family tree of those who trace their heritage back to the early adopters of the name. It is, however, used by many people who do not necessarily share a common ancestry.

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Minas: Where does the name Minas come from?

The last name Minas is quite widespread and can be found all over the world. Most commonly, people with this surname originate from Greece, Turkey, and throughout the Mediterranean region.

In Greece, Minas is a common surname, particularly on the islands of Crete and the Aegean Sea. It is believed to be derived from the Greek word “minos,” meaning “king,” and may serve as a patronymic for various families. It may also be linked to the Biblical figures of Minos and Menos, who were considered good rulers and were respected in ancient Greece.

Families with this last name can be found across the Mediterranean basin, but particularly in the areas of Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, and parts of the Near East. It is also quite common in countries such as Italy, Albania, France, and Spain.

In the United States, Minas is found primarily in the East and West Coasts, as well as in large cities such as Chicago. Of course, many American families with this surname can trace their roots back to the Mediterranean region, and it is likely that most present-day American-born Minases have ancestors from the area.

Finally, the surname Minas is growing in popularity overseas in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, largely due to the increased migration of families from the Mediterranean region. As a result, families with this surname can be found in most major cities from London to Melbourne.

Variations of the surname Minas

The origin of the surname Minas is disputed, though it is thought to be of either Greek or Spanish origin. It may be a diminutive or patronymic form of the given name Emmanuel, via the Greek Emmanouhl; it may also be of Basque origins, derived from the noun mina, meaning “rock”.

The surname Minas is also known by several other variants and spellings, including Menas, Mina, Minnas, Minna, Minell, and Mynas.

'Mina' is the most common spelling of the surname, while variations of 'Minnas' are most commonly found in Greece and Turkey, as well as Eastern Europe.

In Spain Minas is known as Minass, while in Portugal it appears as Minaos.

Variants of the surname Menas have also been found in India among the population of Syria-Assyrian descent. It is believed to have originated from the Hebrew name Menahem - which is also a diminutive of the name Emmanuel.

In France, the surname Minas often appears as Minot, and some descendants of this family have taken on the Catalan spelling of Menas, Minas, or Minell for their surnames.

In the United States, the surname Minas is often seen as Meñas and Menas, both of which are most common in areas with large Hispanic populations.

All of these variants share a common origin and all are variations of the same surname (Minas).

Famous people with the name Minas

  • Carlos Minas, former Brazilian footballer
  • Alexandre Minas, Brazilian sculptor
  • Luiz Minas, Brazilian composer and conductor
  • Maria José Minas, Peruvian journalist
  • Luís Minas, Portuguese author
  • Gustavo Minas, Brazilian novelist
  • Ana Minas, Portuguese journalist and news anchor
  • João Minas, Portuguese singer
  • Claudio Minas, Italian male model
  • Manuel Antonio Minas, Brazilian painter and sculptor

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