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Surname Mingos - Meaning and Origin

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Mingos: What does the surname Mingos mean?

Mingos is a surname with both Spanish and Native American origins. It derived from the Mingo Indian tribe (also known as the Ohio Iroquois), an Eastern Woodlands tribal confederacy that consisted of different Iroquoian and Algonquian-speaking nations.

Mingo is an Anglicization of the tribe's original name in the latter language, Minqua, which is derived from a Lenape term for "treasure," likely referring to the significant mineral wealth of the region.

In Spanish, Mingos can mean “an excuse” or “a pretext,” though the exact origins of this meaning have been lost to time. This etymology may have been taken from a phrase the Spanish used to describe Native American populations, namely “los minques marranos,” which many believe to mean “the elusive ones.”

Today, members of the Mingo Tribe carry on many of the customs of their ancestors, including a variety of cultural and religious traditions. Their population stretches across the United States and Canada.

No matter its origin, the surname Mingos carries on its ancestral strength and connection to the past. It is a reminder of the stories, struggles, and resilience of a people who, despite centuries of suffering and hardship, continue their proud legacy of diligence, resilience, and strength.

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Mingos: Where does the name Mingos come from?

The surname Mingos has a long, rich history. The Mingos were originally a Native American tribe that lived in what is now the Ohio River valley in the 18th century. Today, the last name Mingos is most commonly found in the United States, especially in Pennsylvania.

The Mingo name began to spread in the 1800s when some of the original tribe members left the Ohio valley and migrated to other parts of the country. Now, many people with the Mingos last name can be found in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, and down to South Carolina and Texas.

The Mingos surname has also become common amongst the African American population. Some surnames, such as Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin, are associated with George Washington and other important political leaders, but Mingos is more uniquely American Indian. It is believed that the Mingo last name could have evolved from the term “mingo” meaning ‘excellent or brave’, which was often used to refer to the Native American tribe during their time in the Ohio River valley.

Today, the name Mingos continues to be a common American surname. People with this last name are found all across the country, in every state and in every city. Though the original roots of the Mingos surname have been forgotten, the name has endured for centuries and is still quite recognizable.

Variations of the surname Mingos

Mingos is a surname of multiple countries and languages of origin. It is commonly seen in Portuguese, French, Spanish, and English, as well as some other languages. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin are many.

In Portuguese, the surname is spelled Mingues, while in French, it is spelled Mingus. In Spanish, the spelling would be Minguez. In English, the surname is sometimes spelled as Mingo or Minigo. It is also seen as Minguéz, Minguiz, Mingüez, Mincoina, Minchau, and Mincoes.

In French, the surname is sometimes spelled as Mingux, while in Spanish, it is spelled as Mingués. Other French variants are Minguel, Minguelli, Minjou, Mingole, or Minguez. In Spanish, the possible variants are Mingual or Mingoi.

Other surnames derived from the same root include Mingort, Muñoz, Mingol, Muñoz-Guridi, Minchow, Mincoff, Minian, Mingrone, Minnihan, Mingotti, Minghetti, Mingon, and Minghetti.

The ultimate origin of Mingos is believed to be from the Basque name Mingu, likely derived from the word "mengu" which means "tip" or "edge" in Basque. This suggests the surname may have been used to refer to someone near the edge.

Famous people with the name Mingos

  • Drew Mingos: American Football player
  • Don Mingos: professional golfer
  • Dean Mingos: basketball player
  • Pat Mingos: singer
  • Terri Mingos: author
  • Steve Mingos: composer and orchestra leader
  • Pete Mingos: boxer
  • Mike Mingos: magician
  • Tony Mingos: filmmaker
  • Julie Mingos: mixed martial arts fighter

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