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Surname Mingo - Meaning and Origin

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Mingo: What does the surname Mingo mean?

The last name Mingo is of Spanish or Portuguese origin, and is an anglicized version of the surname Minguez, originating from mingo, which roughly translates to the Latin word for prince or leader. The name commonly gained prominence in ancient Europe, often referring to those of a higher political rank.

The name Mingo has long been thought of as a prestigious family name in some parts of Spain, Portugal, and the United States. It is thought the name originated in the Visigothic period in Iberia, and could have been bestowed upon Visigothic rulers or those associated with Visigothic aristocracy.

In the United States, the Mingo surname first appeared during the mid-1700s in the areas that the British colonized, primarily in the region of Virginia settled by German and English settlers. The Mingo surname was most common in northern Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Today, it’s most commonly found in these same states as well as along the Gulf Coast.

The Mingo name is still popular and associated with achievements. For example, Chief Logan, also known as Tahgahjute, was a leader of the Mingo tribe of Native Americans of what is now West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Known as Logansport, this is the region where the Mingo family name remains most prevalent today.

The last name Mingo is a symbol of strength and an emblem of aristocracy and royal reverence. It is a remarkable testament to the achievements and culture of the family from which it has been passed down.

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Mingo: Where does the name Mingo come from?

The last name Mingo is a toponymic surname, derived from the Basque language meaning “from the meadow”. Its use is most concentrated in the northern Spanish Basque region as well as in other countries of the Iberian peninsula, particularly in Portugal, as a result of the Basque diaspora.

Mingo is also widespread in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and parts of South America. In the United States, Mingo is primarily found in the South and Southwest, especially in Louisiana, Texas, and Arizona. The surname is on the rise in popularity, particularly in the southern states of the US.

In Louisiana, Mingo is one of the twelve most common surnames among African Americans. In Texas, Mingo is one of the ten most common surnames among Hispanics. Mingo is also a popular surname among the Basque people of Arizona.

Mingo is also common in Latin America, particularly Mexico, Argentina, and Chile, where it is associated with Basque settlers in the region. Mingo is also found in parts of Canada, particularly in St. Marys, Ontario, where there is a strong Basque community.

Overall, the last name Mingo is most commonly found in the Iberian Peninsula, France, and Latin America, as well as in the southern United States. This is largely due to the Basque diaspora which had traveling and trading links all over the world.

Variations of the surname Mingo

Mingo is an interesting surname that has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The variants include Mingo, Minggo, Mingoa, Mingue, Minigo, Mingazzo, Minghetti, Minguzzi, Minucci, Minghini, Minghella, Minnego, Minogue, Mingalli, Mingardo and Mingone.

Mingo is believed to have originated from the Latin personal name Mnigius. The surname can also be found in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese contexts, where it is spelled as Mingo, Minigo, Mingazi, Mingua, Mingazzo, Minghetti, Minguzzi, Minucci and Minghini. It is also a common Italian surname in the region of Frosinone in the province of Rome.

The variants shown in Spanish and Portuguese contexts are usually spelled as Minge, Mingue and Minnego. In Ireland, the surname has evolved to mean Minogue, and in France, it is known as Mingard or Mingone. In Scotland, the surname can be spelled as Mgr.

Regardless of the variants, the surname is believed to have come from the same Latin sources. It is an interesting surname whose historical roots can be traced back to ancient times, thus making it an interesting research topic.

Famous people with the name Mingo

  • Sarah Mingo: Jamaican-born, U.S.-based independent contemporary R&B and soul singer, songwriter, and producer.
  • Larry Mingo: former professional American football player in the NFL.
  • Lamar Mingo: American gospel, jazz, contemporary hip hop, and neo-soul musician, producer, and songwriter.
  • Itoro Bassey-Mingo: American entrepreneur and certified public accountant.
  • Julius Mingo: African-American funk and soul vocalist and musician, best known for his work with the Ohio Players.
  • Joeemm Mingo: Jamaican-born actor, director, writer, and producer based in the UK and USA.
  • Marceline Mingo: a New York-based violinist, vocalist, and early champion of Spanish Harlem's Latin-fusion music culture.
  • Shontelle Mingo: Barbadian recording artist, actress, model, and philanthropist.
  • Michael Williams-Mingo: American attorney, human rights activist and executive director of the Minority Rights Coalition of Ohio.
  • Donna Mingo: American sportscaster and former long jump athlete.

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