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Surname Mingle - Meaning and Origin

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Mingle: What does the surname Mingle mean?

The last name "Mingle" is of old Scottish origin, originating from the Gaelic term "meanglan" which means 'a mixture' or 'blended'. It is believed to have initially been used as a nickname for a person with a mixed heritage or for someone involved in trade, specifically related to blending items. Over time, it evolved into a surname. It is also associated with socialization, as the English verb "mingle" means to mix or cause to mix together, or move among and engage with others. However, the last name and the verb are not related directly. It's important to note that surnames can have several interpretations depending on their historical and geographical context. The meaning of the surname "Mingle" may vary across the different regions where it is found.

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Mingle: Where does the name Mingle come from?

The last name Mingle is most common today in the United States, particularly in the Midwest, South, and New England. It is likely derived from the Old English word “mynglen,” meaning “to mix or mingle,” and it was likely used as a name to identify someone who was easily able to mix and mingle with others. The surname may also be derived from a Welsh personal name, ‘Mynol,’ which means ‘prince.’

The Mingle surname first appears in the 1810-1840 US censuses, predominantly in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, and today, it is the 5,344th most common name in the US. It is especially frequent throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, which may be attributed to the Mingle family’s migration into the region from Pennsylvania. The name can also be found in the US states of Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, and Iowa.

According to the 2010 US Census, there are approximately 7,000 people in the US with the last name Mingle. Though the name is most prominent in the US, it can also be found in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Variations of the surname Mingle

The surname Mingle has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most common variants of Mingle include Minger, Mungel, Mungall, Mengel, and Mengle. These variants can be found in records from the early 1800s, primarily in the UK and Germany.

The variant spellings of Mingle can also include Mangall, Mangel, Menel, and Mingel. These variations may also be seen as Mangel, Mengl, Mengersol, and Mengler. In the Netherlands, another variation of Mingle is recorded as Menig.

Many variations on the Mingle surname can be found in the US records. Variations include Mengle, Minkel, Mingail, Mingleman, Minchell, Mingel, Mingle, Minkel, and Menigel. These different spelling variations appear to be a combination of regional preferences and surname changes.

Surnames of the same origin as Mingle also include Mengelle, Minglewood, Minrow, Monagle, Moncrieff, Mengleman, Mongle, Mungle, Moingel, and Manigly.

In conclusion, the surname Mingle has many descendants and variations. Although the exact origin of the name cannot be determined, records show that there are numerous spellings and surnames of the same origin as Mingle. The many variations of Mingle make it possible to trace one's ancestry even further back in time.

Famous people with the name Mingle

  • Melissa Mingle, American actress
  • Emmett Mingle, American rapper, singer, and songwriter
  • Katherine Mingle, British author and philanthropist
  • Alexa Mingle, English celebrity chef
  • Nathan Mingle, Australian screenwriter and film editor
  • David Mingle, Canadian fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur
  • John Mingle, American football player
  • Sharla Mingle, American television producer
  • Jaxon Mingle, American YouTuber
  • William Mingle, English poet and singer

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