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Surname Mohammedi - Meaning and Origin

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Mohammedi: What does the surname Mohammedi mean?

The last name Mohammedi is derived from a combination of two words: "Mohammad" and "i" which are Arabic and Persian, respectively. Meaning "of Mohammad". The Islamic Prophet Mohammad was given this name due to his teachings and history.

Mohammed was an important prophet who was quoted in the Quran. It is said that he was the last of all the prophets sent by God to preach and deliver the message of Islam. He is revered by Muslims around the world and millions of them take his name as part of their own surname to reflect their faith and connection to him.

The surname Mohammedi usually belongs to families who come from an Islamic tradition, though some families may use this surname without being of direct Muslim faith. Those of this name are likely to be of middle eastern or north African descent, and can be found in many places around the world, such as India, Pakistan and the United States.

Family members with the name Mohammedi often share a strong sense of pride and connection to their religious background, as well as a commitment to living according to certain Islamic ideals, such as respecting one another and devoting time to prayer and the study of the Quran. Those with this name will often be deeply rooted in their faith, and strive to be positive role models to those around them.

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Mohammedi: Where does the name Mohammedi come from?

The last name Mohammedi is most common in the Middle East, primarily in countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and the United Arab Emirates. It is thought to be derived from the Islamic prophet Muhammad and may refer to individuals who—or families who—have a claimed heritage from him.

In the United States, the Mohammedi last name has been gaining ground since the 2018 national Census, when approximately 1,300 records listed it. The geographic concentration of the name is mostly located in California and New York, though its presence is also growing in states like Arizona, New Jersey, and Maryland.

In Canada, the Mohammedi last name is still quite rare, especially when compared to the United Kingdom. According to the 2016 Census of Canada, less than 200 people have registered the Mohammedi surname in the province of Ontario alone.

In Australia, the Mohammedi surname is much less common than in other parts of the world. According to the 2016 Census and the 2011 Census of the Australian Population, only about 100 Mohammadi individuals were recorded in the entire country.

Given its increasing prevalence, however, this surname is certainly gaining popularity across the world. As more individuals with the Mohammedi surname move to new regions and countries, it holds promise of becoming even more common over time.

Variations of the surname Mohammedi

Mohammedi is a Muslim surname originating from the Arabic name Muhammad, which means “praiseworthy” or “glorious”.

Variants of this name can include Mohamedi, Muhammad, Muhammadu, Mohamad, Muhammed, Mahamadi and Mahomed. Spellings may vary widely, depending on the language or country of origin.

In other countries or cultures, the surname may have alternate spellings. For example, in India, derivatives of the name might include Mohommed, Mohomed, Muhamed, Mohd or Mohammadi. In West Africa, variations might be Mohmoud, Mohammedy or even Mohameed.

The surname can also take on variations in spelling or pronunciation. In some cultures, a phonetic variant of the name could be Mohammedi, Moohummedi, Muhumedi, Mohemmeddi, Muhammadi or Mohammudy.

In some cases, the surname might also be spelled with double consonants, such as Muhhammeddi or Muhammmedy, or even with a y at the end, for example, Mohummediy.

Derivatives of the surname can also include surnames such as Muhammadu, Mhammed, Kamal and Mhamad, or given names such as Khadijah, Ali, or Aisha.

No matter the spelling or pronunciation,Mohammedi is derived from the name Muhammad and carries the same meaning and origin.

Famous people with the name Mohammedi

  • Farhad Mohammedi: a Kurdish Iranian artist and poet.
  • Rahim Mohammedi: a former president of the Iranian National Olympic Committee.
  • Akbar Mohammedi: a Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president of Iran during the Islamic Revolution.
  • Morteza Mohammedi: a former Prime Minister of Iran.
  • Ali Mohammedi: a renowned Islamic scholar and leader of the Islamic Movement of Kurdistan.
  • Parvin Mohammedi: an Iranian filmmaker and screenwriter.
  • Hossein Mohammedi: a contemporary political scientist and author.
  • Rozzbeh Mohammedi: a poet and scholar of Persian literature.
  • Mahdi Mohammedi: an Iranian actor and director.
  • Najatin Mohammedi: an Iranian social activist and advocate of women’s rights.

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