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Surname Monro - Meaning and Origin

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Monro: What does the surname Monro mean?

The surname Monro is of Scottish origin and is primarily found among families in the Highlands. Traditionally, it is believed to have been derived from the Gaelic word "Monadh Roe" or "Monadh Ruadh," meaning "Red Mountain" or "Hill"; "Monadh" translates as "hill" or "mountain," and "Ruadh" translates as "red". This is thought to refer to the landscape of the Scottish Highlands where the family originated. The name might have been geographical, indicating that the bearer was from such a named location. Another theory is that it could be topographical, given to someone who lived near or on a red hill or mountain. It's important to remember while many last names have clear meanings derived from professions, locations, or family relations, others like Monro have meanings lost to time or multiple interpretations.

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Monro: Where does the name Monro come from?

The surname Monro is an aristocratic name originating in Scotland. The name is derived from the Scots Gaelic place name, Munro, meaning "a round hill". Historically, the Monro name has been associated with numerous Scottish clans, including Clan Munro, Clan Fraser, and Clan Rose.

Today, the surname Monro is most commonly found in Scotland and northern England. In Scotland, the highest concentration of the Monro name is in the Highlands. The counties of Inverness-shire, Ross and Cromarty, and Nairn all have above average populations of people with the Monro surname.

In England, the surname Monro is most commonly found in the counties of Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Middlesex. England overall has a high population of people with the Monro name.

In the United States, the surname is most commonly found in states like New York, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Ohio. Records suggest that the surname was brought to the US by Scottish-born immigrants in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

However, the highest concentration of people with the Monro surname is found in Canada. This is mainly due to the fact that much Scottish immigration to Canada began in the late eighteenth century and spread throughout the nineteenth century. Many of the Monro families living in Canada today have descended from these Scottish immigrants. In modern times, the Monro name is still often connected with Scotland.

Overall, the surname Monro is quite common, still heavily associated with Scotland, and found today in Scotland, England, the United States, and Canada.

Variations of the surname Monro

Monro is a Scottish surname stemming from the Gaelic 'Mac an Rothaich', meaning 'son of the Rosy one'. Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include Monrew, Monrow, Monroe, Monrowe, Monrogh, Monroght, Monroeh, Monreau, Monoreau, Monroey, Mhic an Rothaich, Munroe, Munro, and Mac an Rothaich.

Monroe is among the most popular variants, owing to the fame of US President James Monroe. The surname has been a royal house since the 1590s, when it was the Chief of Clan Munro.

Monro is an anglicization of Mac an Rothaich, and its variants are an effort to portray its Gaelic spelling 'Mhic an Rothaich' more accurately. The variation Munroe is an older Anglicisation, or variant spelling, of the Gaelic form.

The surname has its roots in the Clan Munro of Scotland, who have held land since the 7th century. The Clan Munro is a mostly Highland Scottish clan, celebrated for their accomplishments in battle and service to the Crown.

The landed armiger family of Clan Munro are known as the Lords Monro, and have held rank of baron since 1796. Some Anglicised versions of 'Mac an Rothaich' in Ireland are Monaher, O'Monrow and Monrogh.

Far beyond Scotland and Ireland, the surname has travelled to Canada and the United States, with myriad immigrants and Scots preserving the spelling and surname variants of their heritage.

Today, the surname and its variants represent the interconnectedness of the world and cross-generational memory that links us to our ancestors, their lineage and our heritage.

Famous people with the name Monro

  • Keira Monro: British Actress
  • Jamie Monro: British Actor
  • Eric Monro: Rhodesian cricketer
  • Lucy Monro: English author
  • Ally Monro: British singer and song writer
  • Hannah Monro: British model and occasionally singer
  • Stanley Monro: British actor
  • Millie Monro: British self-help author
  • Harry Monro: British reality TV star
  • Tim Monro: British poet and short story writer
  • Helena Monro: British presenter and aviator
  • Mackenzie Monro: British entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Bob Monro: British doctor and academic
  • Tony Monro: British author and teacher
  • Susan Monro: British medical researcher and geneticist
  • Peter Monro: British lawyer and human rights activist
  • Keilah Monro: British singer and songwriter
  • Charlie Monro: British musician and audio engineer
  • Hayden Monro: British video game designer
  • Jenny Monro: British fashion designer

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